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40 Velvet Sofas That Add A Bit of Sex Appeal To The House

If you’re a fan of textures throughout the home, then you’ve got to add a velvet piece into the mix. Whether you’re trying to spice up the home office or the foyer, these 40 velvet sofas will add a bit of sex appeal and femininity to the house. Check out the designs below and let us know what your favorites are!

HGTV starts us off with this blushing beauty. Full of femininity and pose, this velvet sofa could really make a splash in a formal living room. Actually, it would do a great job inside a spacious home office or library as well, don’t you think?

We found this rich-toned velvet soda over at Article. We love it’s modern flair but its legs give it a more mid-century style. Slide this beauty into the home office or even inside a formal living space that includes a more masculine tone.

Check out this tufted beauty over at Pier 1! With a light, hazey gray finish and covered buttons, there’s a certain air of posh appeal and sophistication surrounding this design. Just imagine a bout of blush throw pillows or mint green throw blankets accenting it.

Silver Coast Company is where we found this blue beauty. Accenting by silver studs and sharp lines, it’s a contemporary design that’s also very versatile. Pairing this inside of a black and white space or along with any other neutral tones will work seamlessly.

Here’s another piece from Article  that we’re swooning over. A deep green that will develop create a splash inside of your home, it’s a unique color but a classic design. This L-shape sofa works for family-friendly homes but in a more upscale nature.

We melted a little for this purple design as well. With extra tufted featured and a rich, unique shade that we’re not used to seeing around the house, it’s definitely a show stopper. And we thank Pinterest, again, for giving us the best inspiration around.

Pinterest had this velvet cherry sofa up their sleeve as well. Finished off with golden hardware, traditional feel and curves corners, it’s definitely got a vintage air about it. And we believe that it would fit quite well inside more masculine spaces, such as a study or a home office filled with rich, wooden pieces.

Here we have a sapphire blue, velvet sofa that’s much more on the contemporary side of style. Between it’s stainless steel legs and it’s clean lines, it would blend nicely within a modern space. It contrasts beautifully next to white or creams, as well as lighter grays or metallic tones.

Homedit featured this light aqua design and we love how versatile it is. Because of its color, you could easily find tis inside a vintage space or one with a bit more of a cottage-inspired vision. The texture is where the uniqueness comes from though, as it because a seamless mix of interior design styles.

An emerald piece could help liven up the inside of your home. Again we see golden hardware, tufted accents and curved arms, making for a more vintage-inspired statement. This small sofa would serve well inside bedrooms or even a larger, more open foyer.

Pinterest has endless furniture inspiration, but it was this modern, gunmetal velvet sofa that we fell in love with at first glance. Pair it within homes that use a lot of neutrals or those that want to accent with lighter tones such as rose or taupes. It’s a larger design as well, so it can be used in a family living room or bonus space nicely.

HGTV showcased this modern design as well. Grassy greens would pair well within homes that use a lot of golden accents, wood and chocolate tones. And this piece particular would highlight retro visions or contemporary styles without a hitch.

We love this entire space, but obviously the vows is on the taupe velvet sofa in the center. There’s something rather Victorian about the actual design of the couch but the styling around  it only enhances that fact. Check out more over at The Interior Gallery.

Here’s another sofa that w’ere loving but it has an even more unique design. Check out those diamond accents on the back and seat! It pairs well within trendier spaces or those with a bit more of a glam finish.

Silver Coast Company has this silver design on the scene as well. We’re loving how it’s been paired with other textured and various, lighter neutrals. And we love how this piece has modern legs attached as well, making it a more delicate sofa.

Rose & Grey had a blue design we fell in love with as well. It’s a bit more of a simpler design but it still has all the accents we love in a velvet sofa. The hardware, the curved arms and the contemporary feet give it a punch of artistry.

Sometimes simplicity is key and that goes for your sofa choices as well. If you’re looking for something small to fit inside the home office or even your spacious foyer, look no further than this chocolate brown design. It’s easy and has a no-fuss, blendable style.

Archiproducts has one of our favorite designs on the list. Just check out this ultra contemporary design. It’s curved back and wood and gold footing give it a modern art vibe that’s easy to love. Not only is this piece functional but it’s truly a piece of art for your home.

You can go shop for this taupe velvet sofa over at Urban Outfitters! It’s got a wonderful price point and an easy more wonderful versatile about it. Again, we’ve got a simple design here that can be easily fit inside tons of different spaces and styles.

Maybe you want something with more of a bold tone. If that’s the case, you’ll want to give this red design from Sofamania a second look or two. We see a similar sofa in a different color above, but when dipped in this cranberry tone, you get something brand new.

Tufted and full of personality on its own, this peacock blue sofa is a college apartment’s dream. There’s something extra youthful about the design. Funk up your home with a similar piece that’s full of innovation.

Sofa mania has this unique design up their sleeve as well. At first glance, it seems rather modern. But, in fact, its design is quite reminiscent of some retro styles that are making their back into the interior design scenes and creating new waves.

The best way to describe this deep taupe sofa is “Gossip Girl,” because it’s just got that special bout of energy. An upscale design, check out more like it over at SohoMod. Those extra legs really punch up its volume, don’t you think?

Here’s another velvet sofa that has a certain, youthful appeal about it. It could be that the design has a futon-style vibe happening. Or it could just be the vibrant color. Either way, we like it!

Why not accent your home with a buttery yellow shade? You may not think of using that color on a couch right at first. But after look at this beauty from SohoMod, we bet you change your mind.

Shop Room Ideas give us an entire room to swoon over. From the velvet accent chair to the deep teal sofa, we love every inch of this eclectic vision. Just look at that gold accent on the foundation of that couch!

You can even find some beautiful designs over on eBay. Just look at this silver velvet sofa set. Pair them in the living room or split them up between smaller spaces around the house.

We found some of the best sapphire shades over at Pinterest and this was just another unique design that we fell in love with. This one is a bit more family-friendly and traditional. It’s got a welcoming vibe around it and the plushness is so inviting!

Maybe you’re inspired by hot pink though. And although that may not be your first choice of color when it comes to furniture, the right designs can handle it. That’s definitely true for this small sofa.

WalMart has some beauties you can buy too and they won’t break they bank. If you’re looking for revamp your home, add some posh appeal to it with a velvet sofa. This one has modern lines and a neutral palette making it a versatile choice.

ModShop had something we loved and had to feature too. Again, dipped in a rich blue, this modern sofa will delight the rooms of any household. Those patterns pillows aren’t bad either for those that want to make it a more upbeat look.

Of course, powder blue tones have our heart as well. And the same goes for this design that we’ve already featured above in other colors. This is great example how simple styling can really change a piece of furniture though – in a good and personalized way.

Coleman Furniture has a Chesterfield that’s worthy of the list too. Tufted and accented by silver studs, it’s got all the accents we love. A piece like this will provide focus to duller rooms as well.

And here we see a turquoise design that’s hard not to fall in love with. Again, this one’s got a more youthful presence so we can easily see this hidden inside studio apartments or college rooms. We found this beauty on Pinterest, among lots of other bits inspiration.

Luckily, we found another hot pink design that was worthy of our homes. And this time it was large and tufted. Imagine this beauty inside of your home, highlighting your home office or master bedroom. Make sure to contrast it with lighter tones to it has the ability to pop.

We’re loving the extra length of the arms and back on this sofa design. The velvet adds the right amount of texture we’d be looking for in a chicer home and those studs compliment its surroundings. If you’re looking to make a sophisticated splash, this is the piece for you.

YouTube even gives us a lot of great ideas. Check out all about this cranberry design and it’s tufted accents. It’s a smaller piece but that doesn’t mean it can’t make a scene inside your home.

Plum is a sexier shade and when you dip a velvet sofa in it, you can’t go wrong. This is an ultra modern design and the color only enhances that mysterious sensuality we love about this furniture. Find this inside a darker living area or bedroom.

And here we have our last purple piece on the menu. It’s tufted, it’s got curved arms too and a certain bit of vintage quality about it. For a unique topping to a spacious room, try this one out for size.

We end our list and inspiration with this crushed velvet sectional found over at HGTV. Not only are we loving the neutral room, highlighted by metallic, but we love the blend of comfort and poise throughout the area. And that all starts with the sofa.


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