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Unusual Sofas: 20 Creative Designs

Upgrading your boring living room with an unusual sofa can create a new and refreshing look in an instant. For that to happen, forget about going with safe, neutral sofa designs. Instead be creative and purchase a sofa that doesn’t blend in with the rest of the decor in your living room. But add pillows or blankets that match the current decor. That will do the color coordinating trick but leave the sofa to be the main attraction of the interior. It would be far more exciting and fun to walk into a room with an unusual sofa that adds an extra level of imagination to its surroundings, and the following 20 creative designs will do just that.
Everyone is trying to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside these days and this highly unusual sofa does that big time! Even the pillows add to the aesthetic, appearing like eggs tucked into a pile of branches. This rustic style sofa from Bleu Nature is made from driftwood and old planks with a calf seat.

There is nothing like a piece of furniture that tells a story and the Mad Cow sofa from Talents Design Gallery does exactly that, although the story changes a bit once I here the name, the frothing bubbles and hoof legs create a sense of fairy tale fun until, again you find out the name. That means this sofa embodies the essence of opposites all within the same formation and that’s very creative.
The Botan sectional sofa by Benedetta Tagliabue has its muse in an abstracted peony flower, and its components can be arranged to create a flower composition or arranged in a more intimate seating arrangement.
Botan’s flower arrangement is pretty cool. Source
If you like a good geometric design, the Float sofa from Sancal with headrest is definitely for you. The unusual sofa was designed by Karim Rashid to serve the double purpose of acting like a screen as well, creating an oasis of privacy, away from the hustle and bustle of life around you.
Float is a slim design whose components can be mixed and matched to your individual taste and whether you prefer a monochromatic composition or one filled with contrasting elements, the geometry keeps the vignette exciting and definitely unusual. Source
The deep tufting in Lool serve the double purpose of acting as supports for the arm and back rests as well as an integrated side table, and while the side table is a really creative idea, if you don’t want to use it, preferring to lie down on Lool, the table can simply be removed and the backrests rearranged. From Venezia HomeDesign.
The name Autumntime says it all. What is better then sitting on a park bench in the fall, enjoying mother nature all around you. Unfortunately on cold days that park bench might not be too comfortable. If you are a lucky owner of the Autumntime sofa from Gufram you can sit in on a park bench in the comforts of your home with maybe a bouquet of flowers on the table and specimen plants in containers nearby.
The Branch (Marked) sofa from Zanat is also like a walk in the park, but only from behind. The leg that morphs into a tree with embroidery branches is brilliant.
See more tree inspired furniture designs.
Marvin Reber designed the Inclusion Couch to be a place of rest and play. Based on his love of tearing apart his parent’s furniture when he was a child, Marvin decided to design a sofa that was supposed to be torn apart and turned into a ramp, a fort or whatever the imagination called for at the time. Source
Created by Alexander Rehn, Cay Lounge from Structures is a totally unusual sofa design that uses gravity to conform to the position you feel like relaxing in as seen in this video, you have to admit the people trying it out in the video seem to really like the “hugging” aspect of it.
If you are all about sinking down into an ultra comfortable custom quilted duck down sofa, the modular Shearer is definitely for you – from Life Space Journey.
With a muse in wool bales with strapping and vintage leather (but actually premium custom tanned) car upholstery, the unusual Shearer sofa is anything but pretentious. Source
There is something about an all black traditional design that makes it a little bit of bad a$$ design. The Baroque silhouette and leather upholstery of the Louis II Loveseat from SixInch is an elegantly goth moment neutral enough for any interior decor.
Mixing traditional silhouettes into other design styles is also a favorite of stone designers such as this contemporary design from Arredo di Pietra and what’s awesome about this sofa is that you can easily keep it outdoors.
How often do the feet of a sofa match the color of the upholstery? If you answered almost never you would be correct and that is why spHaus designed FOOT. Now, it doesn’t matter what color you choose in the FOOT line of fabrics, the steel feet are powder coated to match.
This unusual sofa (above) from Emmemobili is KNOKKE by Carlo Colombo, and it’s a CNC shaped multiplayer solid oak wood design, clear finished or tinted with color.
Island modular sofa from darono has a bit of a shabby chic aesthetic with the loose thread edgings and corner ties, but what’s really fun about it is the colorful building block style.
Gate sectional modular fabric sofa is a design from Offecct and was created as a “pit-stop” while on the move and to charge your electrical devices at the same time.
Aqua Creations designed this cool looking Gladis sofa as though it where a fingerprint using hand stitched upholstery to create the individual ridges that collectively make the fingerprint. I think we should give this amazingly creative sofa design a thumbs up, don’t you?
Unusual sofas don’t have to stray too far from the norm to make a statement. The high sided and high armed Opera sectional sofa from Softline is a modular system with “unusually” compact dimensions for the smallest of homes and that unusual aspect ranks it high in functionality, that and the fact that it can be used as a single or multiple seat unit.
The Halo sofa, also from Softline, reduces its geometry to a horizontal plane and a vertical plane with the vertical backrest taking on a very large and attention grabbing profile. It is the over sized vertical unit that resulted in its name.
The Pliees fabric sofa has a stainless steel frame that makes it perfect for the salty air found at sea level locales, but of course you don’t have to live at sea level to enjoy this Julien Vidame design.
Creative sofas can add such a fun flavor to any room while still serving their functional purpose, and so can indoor hanging seats.


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