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15 Unusual LED Light Designs for Home

LED is all the rage when it comes to lighting designs for home. While most new LED light designs are remakes of the tried and true, there are designers that have embraced the flexibility of LED lights to create unusual designs that are stand alone statements wherever and whenever they are used.
The Illuminated Bubble Chairs by Rousseau are an amazing example of what can be done with LEDs. During the day the chair is stunning enough with its mid century design but come evening, the chair enters the 21st century with its cool LED lit flock pattern. Source.

LEDs lend themselves to all sorts of materials – even fabric as can be seen by the sparkling pattern on these sheer window coverings. Creation Baumann created Elumino Sema and other drapes using embroidery integrated strip conductors and LED elements. Source.
Meystyle uses LEDs within 22 unique wallpaper designs, each, which is handcrafted so that the patterns can be tailor made to their final destination.
Stone Forest chose a stone – Onyx – to combine with LED light panels to create their stunning SYNC drop in vessel sinks. The stone is semi transparent and appears to glow from within but is actually illuminated from below the basin. Source
Design Libero has embraced the LED phenomena by designing a series of lit bathroom furniture called Aurora. The collection consists of a bathtub, shower stall and washbasin.
Aurora Washbasin has an added feature of an integrated void that can hold a small plant, floating blossom, shells etc. Source.
Bathrooms aren’t the only water features that showcase LEDs, this beyond amazing and very custom swimming pool by Cipriano Landscape Design features programmable LEDs for an ever changing aesthetic to this Stradivarius Violin shaped swimming pool. Source
The Meteor garden bench collection is an indoor/outdoor design by Arik Levy through Serralunga that is facetted in shape to resemble its namesake and just like its namesake when it breaks through our atmosphere – it glows!
The Bright Woods furniture collections by Giancarlo Zema Design Group have their muse in the enchanted forests of fairy tales. They are a signed, limited edition series that are made from wood with several rings voided out that are then filled with resin to expose the programmable LEDs within. Source.
Amarist designed Cupiditas from the semi translucent Alabaster Stone. They created this cubular table base with LED RGB Wi-Fi technology so that you can control the glowing lit from within colors from your smart phone.
With its minimalist aesthetic and gorgeous natural stone, Cupiditas is just as beautiful turned off as it is turned on.
How about this sizzling hot design? The TwistyFire with LED lit base is the creation of Paul Gentile through Officine Del Fuoco. A Bio Ethanol fireplace, it is as at home indoors as it is on a deck. Source
Atlantis is an illuminated column cast from clear resin and is lit from within via LED lights. The color of the column is quartz and it sits on a black powder coated base. Designed by McCollin Bryan, it’s 37.5cm square and 44cmH. Wouldn’t it be cool to have one of these in an entry way?
The Lumio lamp is shaped like a hard cover book and when you open its pages it lights up. You can actually open it 360 degrees and comes with magnetic wooden pegs and/or a leather strap for mounting it on a wall or you can just open it flat and sit it on a table. Designed by Max Gunawan and the main product of Lumio that Max founded, Lumio is considered to be one of the top 10 most innovative crowdfunded companies. Source.
The Grid Series by Maarten de Ceulaer are created my milling the top and bottom of a solid piece of wood that is then bent into its curvy silhouette. The holes that have been milled into it are then filled with an electrical circuit connecting 100s of LEDs.
Illumino Lightboard is way cooler then your ordinary Whiteboard. Made with acrylic and mounted with edge grip stand-offs, it has been edge lit with pure white LEDs. I think Sheldon and Leonard need one of these!
LED Table and One Thousand And One Lights are Lumigraphs by Ingo Maaurer. Lumigraphs and Lumigraphies are LED light compositions that take on an artistic approach to lighting with many of them being sculptures of light rather than functional pieces.
If you are as excited by LED lights as I am you will enjoy our guide to home decorating with LED. Also check out the latest selection of IKEA LED lighting fixtures.


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