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Unusual and Creative Bathroom Sinks

Bathrooms are far too often a ho hum experience but we here at Trendir think they should be fierce and fabulous, especially when it comes to the most used pieces of equipment – the bathroom sinks. We think that unusual and creative sinks can make any bathroom go from zero to hero in the decor department. They offer so much opportunity to express our own personal styles that it’s not a matter of “is there one for me?” it’s a matter of “which of the many should I choose?”
Wow – the idea for this wildly unusual marble sink called Birichino came from watching sea waves and what better muse for a sink then a water source? I kind of want to run my hand along the wet stone ripples – so visceral, so exciting.

It’s no wonder this sink by Uainot Architetti is called The Giant’s Causeway, it does after all make quite a gigantic statement.
10 highly creative designers create the Think of Stone series of sinks through Purapietra.
Lake Sink reminds me of a peaceful canoe, of course in real life I would want the water on the outside of the canoe but on the inside of the sink!

Here’s another canoe shaped sink that layers in a fun blast of eye popping red. Called Ambinetazione Zen it’s by Sashimi.
If you prefer a sink with a simple aesthetic then this “less is more” design of an invisible sink made from transparent glass, might just be the perfect answer. Called Wildwood, the effect is quite surreal. You could have so much fun deciding what to put beneath it! Source.
I am a huge fan of vessel sinks and I am absolutely enamored with this one called Cashmere by Kreoo. The lip extension is the perfect solution to creating a place for soap close at hand – smart.
This Iconic Wing Washbasin design is as graceful as a swan. By Falper, Wing is even made from a 100% recyclable material – gotta love an environmentally friendly design that kicks – well – you know what.
It’s like the wall has peeled off and morphed into a beautiful sink. No wonder it’s called Skin!
The Skin basin is also available in mosaic and resin versions.
Soft and minimalist or bold and splashy, Skin is a real stunner.
This wall basin appears to be a pocket within the wall and it can even be painted to match your wall color. Layer in the fact that it’s lit with LEDs and this integrated wall sink both blends and stands out – awesome. Ironically called Silence or Silenzio, it is the design of Antonio Lupi.

Seriously what a smart idea, for all you parents that have a hard time getting your kids to wash their hands or brush their teeth, this is definitely the solution. Talk about taking function and fashion to a new level! The Family Basin was even designed to include a towel holder beneath the taller vessel; VitrA deserves an A+ for this modern masterpiece!

Super modern, sort of organic and a bit strange, the freestanding Loft Sink by Botinger & Roi is an asymmetrical design that really appeals to the whimsical side of me.
This is certainly one cup (or two) that you don’t want to “runneth over”. By Meneghello Paolelli Associati this vessel sink even comes with its own towel holder in the form of the cup handle!
From a cup we go the Spoon Sink and the award winning Spoon Urinal both by Philip Watts Design and both so delicately stunning.
Just as delicate, the Kalla so obviously has its muse in its namesake the Kalla Lilly. Designed by Oriano Favaretto for Mastella Design it truly is as beautiful as a flower.
Keeping on the theme of flowers, check out this Lotus Vanity by sonoBATH with its bent stone corners W-O-W. The bent corner even “hides” the drain and how cool is that?
SonoBATH also makes some pretty amazing vanities and for anyone who likes wordpress the River Sink is definitely for them. A touch of nostalgia, some Zen and a whole lot of craftsmanship went into this design. Can you read the meditative passage from Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha cut into the stone?
The Ocean Washbasin by Il Bagno Bandini has a more abstract visual. I see a floating piece of wispy cloth, floating in the wind. Others see a turbulent surface to the ocean. It’s amazing how much movement is in this sculptural washbasin.
The Rendezvous Sink by Cenk Kara is a fluid and organic shape that seems to spiral upwards as though caught in a water spout, which is rather appropriate considering it is a type of water spout. It is definitely a sink of the future.
From spiralling upward we go to cascading downward with the Abisko Washbasin from Eumar.
Inspired by the Swedish National Park Abisko, the Abisko Washbasin appears to be void of pipes as it sends its stream of water – well – downstream.
The Origami Washbasin is a unique angular design that incorporates a hidden slope drain. I love the faceted look of the artsy basins, which lends itself so well to a modern, geometric design aesthetic
Code X Blue Line sink by Urban Style sinks has a fun disc jockey vibe with its turntable basins and faucets that look like a record player arm – although the square and flat versions don’t quite have the same turntable look.
Code X Crystalplant sinks have the same serene and minimalist lines as the Blue Line.
Ammonite Concrete Washbasins by Conti are truly sensational. Talk about tying a visual of spiraling water as it disappears down a drain into this beautiful relief image of a spiral shaped Nautilus shell! Should I say shell-tastic?
With all these amazing examples of fierce and fabulous bathroom sinks our minds are flowing with ideas and are awash with the possibilities.


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