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How to Incorporate the Latest Trend Velvet Into Your Home

This season the hottest and latest trend happens to be velvet. Velvet has come a very long way and is now becoming one of this years must have décor item for the home. The good news when it comes to the velvet trend is that it is quite easy to incorporate into any area of your home. In fact, velvet comes in multiple different colors and textures which makes it exceptionally versatile. Another great aspect of velvet is that it adds a touch of regal elegance anywhere it is placed. The following are a few ways you can incorporate velvet into your home.

Statement Couch

If you really want to make your velvet couch the main attraction in your living room opt for a couch that has some sort of detail and texture. Having a little bit extra detail and texture makes a huge difference in how attractive your couch appears and how bold it seems.

We love a big and bold statement couch. In fact, we love the idea so much we think there should be a bold couch in every room. But, adding a statement couch in velvet takes it to the next level. Opting for a large piece of velvet such as a couch makes the trend stand out from the rest of your décor. With that being said choose a jewel tone velvet sofa for the ultimate complimentary piece. Jewel tone also happens to be on trend this season so it’s a win-win situation.

Velvet Throw Pillows

The great thing about velvet pillows is that you can mix and match with other colors and textures. Although velvet is considered a texture it is very understated which makes it easy to work with than most other pattern and textures.

For those who enjoy a minimalistic approach when it comes to their décor, you can also incorporate the velvet trend in your current décor. The way to go about this is by throwing in a few throw pillows into the mix. A throw pillow mixed with an otherwise minimal décor will have a huge impact in a small dose.

Velvet Chair

Velvet accent chairs do not need to be in a bold color to make a huge impact. In fact, having accent chairs that are velvet can make the impact on its own. However, if you want to go the extra mile have accent chairs in a bold color that are also velvet. It takes the velvet trend to a whole new level.

If you want to make a regal impact without using a large piece such as a statement couch or a small piece like a throw pillow a velvet chair is a way to go. Choose a light color or a rich jewel tone shade for your velvet chair. Doing so will enhance the décor you a ready have while adding a hint of something elegant into the mix.

Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains are a huge statement piece they standout from the crowd and give the room an elevated take. Use dark tones such as deep grays and blues for a bold look or neutrals for a softer appeal. Consider revolving your entire decor around the beauty of your velvet curtains.

You do not need to be part of the royal family in order to have velvet curtains. Velvet curtains are great as they draw out light while adding a bold yet sophisticated look in the room. Even a contemporary styled room can look amazing with velvet curtains.

Vanity Time

If you have a neutral vanity adding a pop of color is actually easy. Why not add a pop of color and incorporate the velvet trend all at once? Add a velvet comfy chair to your vanity for an added enhanced space. Use a deep jewel tone for the best results. 

Your vanity could also use a touch of velvet. Velvet is not only regal to look at it is also excellent to sit on. It looks good and it feels even better. Add a velvet chair to your vanity space for an added hint of beauty in an already beautiful space.

Upgrade Your Headboard

A textured headboard is a way to go. Texture will add to the customization of the room it also adds personality as well. Choose neutral colors for your headboard as it will be a lot easier to decorate around it. It will also make the room stand out. 

Another trend that is taking over is upholstered headboards. They are soft and easy to decorate around and they make a statement every single time they are used. Even as a neutral velvet can make a big impact in a room. Make your headboard the focal point in your room by transforming it into a velvet masterpiece.

Dining Table Galore

Dining chairs add a royal touch to any simple wooden table. There is an elevated elegance to having velvet chairs. In fact, you can choose to have multiple different shades of velvet for a modern twist that you will love. 

The last place you may consider adding velvet is your dining room. However, this may be the exact place you want to add velvet to because of how bold it is.  Velvet is bold and fun, but it is also elegant and classy. Add velvet chairs to a simple wooden table for a rich upgrade.

Add to Your Bedding

There is something very beautiful and soft, about having velvet bedding in your home. Choose to have a simple blanket or an entire bed with velvet sheets the options are endless. You can even have velvet pillow cases as well.

Adding velvet to your bedding is not only very cozy and warm, but it is also sexy. There is something very inviting about having a velvet blanket on the bed or even velvet bed sheets. If you do not want to completely add a velvet item, add a velvet pillowcase into the mix and see how you like it.

Velvet Walls

If velvet walls may seem like a bit too much you may want to consider a velvet accent wall. This can be done by using crushed velvet panels thats placed on the wall to give the upholstered effect you seek. Doing so will give the powerful effect you seek while still being part of your decor ina bold manner.

Nothing screams velvet trend galore, then having a velvet wall. Velvet walls add a layer of texture that cannot be duplicated. This is the most contemporary form of adding velvet into your décor as it is a very bold move. However, you can have velvet walls in numerous different colors and still get the same impact. Choose a neutral for a softer take on the trend or choose a bold color instead.

Velvet Stools

Velvet stools are great in any area of a home, especially in the bedroom space. Instead of having one velvet stool consider having two to add to the seating area in your bedroom. The bedroom barely has any seating areas. Therefore, having two stools can make the difference you need.

Stools are great because of how versatile they are. You can have a stool in your kitchen island or you can have a stool in your bedroom or living room. They truly work well in any area they are placed in. Therefore, having a velvet stool can be the trick you need to add the velvet trend into your décor.

Although you may be hesitant to add a velvet piece in your home. Consider one or more of these options and let us know below which one is your favorite.


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