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40 Gray Bedrooms You’ll Be Dreaming About Tonight

There’s something a bit romantic and hopelessly relaxing about the right shade of gray. And when it’s used in the bedroom, you get the benefits of both of those warm and enveloping feelings. We scoured the Internet and found 40 gray bedrooms that we not only love but ensure that you’ll be dreaming about tonight.

We begin our gray bedroom compilation with this traditional design we found on Pinterest. Crisp, clean and full of homey value, this personal escape has a no-fuss feel and a polished finish. Complimented by silver metals and black furniture giving it a modern vibe, this bedroom is nice for both a couple or for singles with a more sophisticated taste.

HGTV gives us a more youthful example. The gray covering the walls keeps the design grounded but compliments the prints and multiple colors nicely. Instead of bright without rhyme or reason, the hazey gray paint gives this eclectic bedroom a more romantic finish that we love.

Here’s another crisp bedroom design featured over on Decoist. Gray carpet, bedding and a light shade on the wall, this space has got a distinct contemporary design as well. The varying tones of the neutral create interest but still keep within the relaxed vision.

A bedroom with a bit more glamour, this silver-inspired space is one of the prettiest on the list. It has a monochromatic look that we’re loving because it provides a polished finish that helps to create a more relaxed space. The silver and mirrored accents also create the illusion of more space, which is always a benefit.

You can still create a relaxing space by using darker gray tones as well. And darker gray tones also compliment wooden accents and brown shades as well. Just check out this space filled with both contemporary and rustic surfaces.

Pinterest really does have a great collection of inspiration thanks to its users. We can find any kind of style to grab ideas from. Just check out this find filled with gray tones and cottage flavor. We love the delicacy and girlish charm surrounding every nook and cranny of this bedroom.

This bedroom is one of the more masculine and modern of the list. But we love the unique, gray color on the walls more than anything. It’s been mixed with a taupe finish that provides an even more versatile outlook that helps with metallic accents pieces.

You can create a gray bedroom without having gray walls. Cream or white walls can begin the foundation but that relaxed, subdued experience that the right kind of gray can create can start with the accents. Like you see here in this space. the bed is the focus of the bedroom, so start there.

Interior Design Ideas gave us this Asian-inspired bedroom to share. With unique accents and a fun pop of chartreuse here and there, the entire space is grounded in a taupe and gray combination. The patterns are lively but the neutral its embedding in keeps everything grounded and toned down.

We’re big fan of simplicity in the bedroom. Creating a relaxing and romantic escape starts with the right colors. And this light gray does just that. Design Explora holds this serene bedroom and we’ve become easily inspired by its natural lighting and precise accents.

Pinterest held on to this traditional bedroom as well. Again, the gray walls keep a subdued, relaxing one throughout the space. But we especially love the addition of the golden curtains that provide a beautiful contrast to the rest of the neutrality.

Breaking Design featured this more polished bedroom. Black, white and gray is just as classic and timeless of a color combination as black and white is. So, naturally, there’s that same air found inside this design.

Even ultra-feminine and Victorian-flavored spaces can hold on to a gray tone. This accent walls creates a beautiful depth and bout of contemporary appeal throughout this youthful, vintage bedroom. The chandeliers, the light and all the creamy whites make for a pretty contrast as well.

There’s also a great liking for both gray and purple combinations as well. Plums and lavenders, any shade of purple works, when paired with a hazey gray. And this gorgeous bedroom from Elle is a stunning example of how to work a room with this duo in mind.

A personal favorite on the list, there’s a trendy vibe spread throughout this rustic, eclectic bedroom. Founding in gray roots and wooden features, the blue contrast only adds to the overall relaxing vibes. And the textures found sprinkled throughout the design makes it an even more enveloping space.

Soft grays in all forms will always provides a beautiful foundation and romantic spirit, and that goes double for this simple room. And there’s something especially attractive about gray bedrooms filled with extra plushness. You want to have the want to dive into your bedroom with a sense of comfort and that’s what we see here.

Here’s another posh design that we found rather glamorous as well. And although it’s got that subdued spirit because of it’s gray, the black and silver metallic accents create a more luxury vision. The tufted bed makes a beautiful focus and the mirrored accents give even more shine.

Home Bunch gave us another bedroom that had a certain cottage fashion. Those natural wooden accents blend so beautifully within the paler gray and creamy whites. This is also another example of how gray doesn’t have to be the foundation of a room for a room to still reap the benefits of its subtly and romance.

Textural, trendy and filled with feminine poise, look how beautifully the gray accents of this bedroom transform a simple space. Those pillows and that throw contrast nicely within the creamy, monochromatic bedroom.

We’ve got another traditional bedroom to swoon over from Decor Pad. Again, there’s a sprinkling of fun textures adding interest throughout the space but the beauty of the neutral palette creates a natural, organic experience that we’re all so easily attracted to.

House of Turqouise showcases how stunning grays compliment blues and greens, especially slight turquoise flavors. Providing a mix of feminine accents and natural spirit, this is a beautiful representation of how a little can go a long way when creating a personal oasis. And that natural lighting does wonders to create an illusion of more space in this cooler-colored room.

Are you a minimalist? If so, this bedroom from Make To may be exactly the right kind of inspiration you need to create your brand new bedroom inside your new home or apartment. It’s also a great example of how to set up a studio-style space. That gray foundation sets off all kinds of colors, textures and genres of interior design.

Montcler is where we found this gorgeous, artistically-touched bedroom. With a blend of deep taupes, charcoals, light grays and textures, we see a design worthy of the magazines but also worthy of ourselves. It’s a beautiful mix of relaxation and personal style represented.

Golds and yellows are a classic ways to accent gray tones as well. It’s one of those color combinations that will never go out of style. HGTV gave us this luxurious bedroom making a springboard for ideas but also inspiration for your home’s revamp.

Ruchi Designs gave us the some great ideas when it comes to accenting grays in unusual ways. Copper and rose gold seem to create quite the splash. Just look at this gorgeous room, between the bed and light fixtures, you get some beautiful inspiration.

And if you go to Ruchi Designs one more time, you’ll find this simple bedroom design as well. Filled with varying gray tones, it’s a functional room that takes a no-fuss approach. For single bachelors or young men finished up school, there’s everything you need here with the boost of modern styling.

The Yellow Cape Cod shows off a purple and gray combination as well. If you’re looking for something equally as feminine as it is relaxing, then this is definitely the color dup you’ll need to look to as inspiration. Some delicate floral patterns thrown in will only boost that vision.

A monochromatic scheme, this bedroom has a definite contemporary style as well. With some modern art on the walls and unique textures in some of the corners, there’s interest here that isn’t overbearing or too bold for relaxing. Check out more inspiration like this at Interior Design Ideas.

Architecture & Design gave us one of the most unique and design-worthy of bedroom. Although it seems rather simple at first, the details is what make this space so special. The chevron, wooden floors, the knotted throw rug and the deep wood canopy bed all come together contrasting the romantic gray walls in a way that’s memorable and enveloping.

Modern, minimal and Asian-inspired, there’s a classic and clean appeal all throughout this bedroom as well. Found on tpw, there’s nothing but relaxation that we see here. And what else could you actually want? The multiple textures and materials we find here create depth, interest and style without becoming too chaotic for our spirit or eyes.

Here’s another romantic escape we found at The Decorista. Again, creams and grays come together to create a girlish and charming bedroom. With texture and natural lighting, the focus here is on the plush textures and delicate accents.

If you’re someone that is more inspired and comfortable in the darkness, maybe you want to go with more of a charcoal foundation. This provides more of a sexy, mysterious ethos, which is just fine. It’s your bedroom and your personal escape to create.

Life on Virginia Street brought up some inspiration with blush accents. Pastels will always be a great choice to playing alongside a gray space, and that’s no exception in this feminine and traditional bedroom. Golds, creams and pinks can be a pretty trio but that gray addition tones it down and adds the romance we all want.

But if we’re looking for more eclecticism, then here’s another funky bedroom to bounce ideas from. Delicacy that strays away from bolder styles or chunky lines, the small bout of floral inspiration helps to create a more organic experience. There’s even some rustic influence that we see inside this bedroom.

HGTV gives us another bedroom with a taupe enhancement. Gray and taupe run together sometimes, as we see here. Accented by coral and some retro flavor, it’s another traditional bedroom that can easily be personalized with the right kind of art.

Darker grays on the walls and lighter grays within the function, here’s a room that’s the epitome of comfort. Gray doesn’t have to be accented by color or varying, textural neutrals, it can stand on its own. Just check out this beauty we found on Pinterest and inspire your dorm room or even your home office around the pairings.

Pinterest gave us this blue and gray bedroom as well. There’s a certain amount of bohemian flair here that we’re inspired by. But it’s the simplicity and ease as well. Taking the colors and playing off of them and them alone, without all of the luxury of bold furniture pieces, is quite a nice way to create a personal space.

Contemporary and grandiose, here’s a bedroom that’s full of femininity and sophistication. Purple is seen here again, eggplant more specifically, breathing a rich life into the gray foundation. If you’re looking for luxury, this is the bedroom to gather ideas from.

And finally, this white and gray bedroom finishes off this list with an extra bout of romance and girlish charm. Between the light fixtures and the silver touches, all of these accents become more subtle and romantic when surrounded by gray tones.


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