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Flat Pack Hivehaus Transforms into Hexagonal Modular Homes

Hivehaus is a flexible and modular lifestyle home of identically proportioned hexagonal cells. Each side of each cell can be joined together to create a home of any size and any shape based on multiples of each 9.3m2 unit. The inspiration for this creative and flexible design came from the building principles used by the honey bees for their clusters of hexagonal honeycomb shapes within the beehive. Barry Jackson applied the modular honeycomb idea to basic Bauhaus design principles and the final result is his Hivehaus. With designated cells for office, lounge, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom zones, and partition walls that come with or without pocket doors that can be added or removed as require, each home can be custom fitted to suit the needs of the homeowner. Hexagonal decks of the same proportions can also be connected to offer that indoor – outdoor lifestyle when weather permits. Shown here is the opening “firewall” complete with wood for an outdoor fire in the evening and an indoor fire when the wall is closed.

Hivehaus is ordered by the individual hexagonal components and when they arrive, they are delivered on a pallet broken down into flat pack form. It only takes one day for 2 or 3 people to install a cell without the use of heavy machinery, even on hard to access sites. If the home’s location will be on sloping or uneven terrain, the adjustable legs allow for minimal foundation work.
The roof and floor panels are constructed from interconnecting triangular structural timber frames that are connected together via a tubular steel framework and powder coated steel clad Sips panels. Each of the GRP roof coverings has been designed to accommodate a green roof system and each is topped off with a large sky dome allowing for natural daylight to flood the interior spaces.
The flexibility of the hexagonal cells allows for easy bespoke expansion for a unique and personal lifestyle package. Each homeowner can create the “Hive” of their choice. The flat pack design means that a home can be easily put together no matter how remote the location. With a skylight in every cell and the ability to have large windows on all the exterior walls, the Hivehaus offers an outdoor connection no matter the local and no matter the weather.
Of course, on those beautiful sunny days, the hexagonal deck units offer a great way to extend the living space. With decks extending on several sides, this home offers either the perfect shady spot to enjoy a summer’s day – or the perfect sunny spot to enjoy a cool winter afternoon.
I love the idea of having a firewall that opens and closes depending on the weather and time of day. What a great flexible solution to offer a homeowner and what an awesome way to truly engage that coveted indoor – outdoor lifestyle.
When the firewall is open the living space is flooded with natural light from the windows, opened wall and the skylight. Even with all the glass, enough wall space is left solid to create the perfect spot to mount a flat screen TV, complete with shelf below.

Even the family dog can appreciate the ability to come and go at his or her own choosing.
Just beyond the living space, in an adjoining cell is the kitchen. With counters on one side and shelving on the two adjoining sides, the space is well laid out and super functional. The hexagonal shape allows for a large area in the centre to hold a 42″D table and four chairs.
Even the dining table is hexagonal shaped and a collaborative design with Culshaw Bell specifically created to be used in the Hivehaus Kitchen cell. Located just below and framed by the skylight, the table is a fun and inventive way of repeating a design element. Adding in the moulded plastic chairs creates a modernist vibe that is in complete harmony with the pale flooring and geometric units.

Culshaw Bell has also been collaborating wit Barry Jackson on the expanding kitchenette to create functional work spaces that any chef would enjoy. Shown here is how the kitchen when closed offers a clean and streamlined wall of cabinets. The upper cabinet doors then open in two stages with the first exposing a wall of shelves that surround the microwave. 3 pot lights light up the workstation that includes a sink on the left and the cooktop in the middle. The cabinet doors can then be opened further to create a double width door of narrow shelves, perfect for spices, bottles and other miscellaneous items.
The choice of turquoise for inside the kitchenette offers a friendly, bright and cheerful backdrop to an otherwise utilitarian space.
As the sun goes down and with the flick of a switch, the kitchen and living space stay light and bright.
There are even outdoor lights for evening gatherings on the deck.
When its time to turn in, the sleeping cell is designed to have an adjoining bathroom cell. With a skylight right above the bed the views of the stars up above create the ambiance of sleeping outdoors.
Of course, the real enjoyment of this home is during the day. The multiple windows and easy lifestyle presented by the Hivehaus means it is the perfect home choice for remote locations, view sites or large acreage.
A plot of land that is a weekend retreat or a longer vacation get away would be ideal for a Hivehaus.
What better choice for a hobby or recreational farm then to have a Hivehaus?
Even if you already have a farmhouse, the addition of a Hivehaus would make a great in-law or guest suite.
The Hivehaus would also be an awesome choice for a more urban setting.
No matter what the location, what better way to spend an evening then on a deck next to a crackling fire watching the moon rise?
Hive Haus
Culshaw Bell


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