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String Gardens: Magical Spheres of Modern Art for Your Home

Dutch gardener Fedor Van der Valk has created a stir with his brilliant string gardens. These growing miniature Eco-systems are little green worlds, suspended in air for a thoroughly modern art look. And they’re easy enough to create yourself. He actually created the string garden by accident, while creating a 3D spider web for an animation. One thing just led to another. That’s how many things come to be, actually – not planned, but happened upon while creating something else. And these string gardens are certainly something else. You can make string gardens that suit any home by changing the flora and fauna. Use different lengths of string to create eye-catching arrangements. The Japanese have a similar technique with plants called Kokedama, but Van der Valk took the idea to the air – and an indoor gardening phenomenon was born.
Hanging the string garden at different levels and using a variety of plants makes it an interesting focus for a room.

These trees are a real statement. Look at the flowering faux cherry tree – is that not an amazing thing to have in your living room? You do have to be able to provide enough light for the plants you choose.
This is such an elegant and dainty choice for a string garden. The flower becomes more art-like in this presentation than in a pot, doesn’t it?
Red oriental poppies are our favorites. These charming Eco-spheres should be taken down and soaked in a pail of water once or twice a week, depending on the plant.
What a beautiful cascading shower of blossoms in this string garden. Choose a fragrant flower (these look like jasmine) for enchanting scents as well as scenes.
Use the string garden to provide a splash of color. You know it will be the center of attention anyway.
More jasmine – such a heady scent and such a delicate flower. Plants are wrapped in a ball of soil, which is held in place by sheet moss and organic string. Don’t you think they’re lovely?
A string garden is a very ethereal installation, isn’t it?
It’s spring in the string garden, with tulips and hyacinth.
A string garden can be a simple single succulent – a touch of green. The bathroom would be a great environment for them with the humidity.
They are magical spheres, floating in space. The plants or trees you pick, the flowers (or not) – all create a different atmosphere.
You can grow fruit. How do you beat that?
With herbs! You can do a great herb garden and hang it in your kitchen. What a clever idea.
There’s even a DIY kit available from the United Kingdom. No strings attached.


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