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Graffiti Furniture Brings Street Art into Your Home

The Street Art Project by Ariel Design is a unique and exciting concept that brings together the two creative genres of art and furniture design, merging them into a fun, modern and very colorful collection of graffiti furniture perfect for your home decor. The idea of bringing graffiti or street art into the home is not new, but using the platform within furniture design is far more personal then simply hanging it on the wall. This is functional art at its best and as an artist and interior designer I love it!
Currently the Street Art Collection consists of 7 distinct pieces that can be used together or separately. Each of the 7 pieces are the result of a partnership between product designers Ariel Zuckerman and Eran Shimshovits.

Street Capture Coffee Table 1 is a group of 4 tables that fit together like a puzzle to create one painting.
Even though the four tables come together to create a single image that does not mean this is how you need to display them, they could just as easily be positioned in a row or broken up completely and used as side tables.
Street Capture dresser also breaks up it’s “painting” within its 6 drawer fronts
Street Capture Table leaves the imagery behind in favor of an abstract composition.
The abstract imagery is enhanced by the angular mulleins that run trough the tabletop.
Street Capture Wall Tile is a collection of brightly colored portraits held within distorted hex’s.
Street Capture Bench features a more graffiti type of street art complete with letters and spray bomb imagery.
Street Capture Drawers are the perfect pairing of similar yet different side tables – or as I envision them, bedside tables.
Street Capture Coffee Table 2 follows the premise of Coffee Table 1 but in a much more subdued, almost monochromatic graffiti for those of you who are hesitant to embrace the wild blasts of color this collection has to offer.
Coffee Table 2 might be “calmer” in its color choices but it is still a fun and vibrant piece of art.
Each of the designs within the Street Capture Project uses actual graffiti panels as the outer facing of the furniture or wall panels.
By using the actual graffiti panels, the furniture has an inconsistent texturing caused by either brushes or spray bombs.
The graffiti art starts off as one large panel that is then cut into smaller pieces that are fitted to the locations they will be used in.
The panels start off as blank boards that were mounted throughout Southern Tel Aviv on top of pre-existing graffiti.
The boards were eventually painted by street artists expressing themselves. Since this was to be a natural unfolding, the panels where checked on a daily basis until designers Ariel Zuckerman and Eran Shimshovits where happy with the results, they were then removed and used within the furnishings.
This was a case of patience is a virtue as the final street art choices could go through several metamorphosis before the panels where removed from the street.
Even though each design is unique and most likely painted by a different artist(s), the end result is a collection that is cohesive in aesthetic.
The Street Art Project by Ariel Design is a unique and exciting concept and I hope the collection expands, and expands, and expands – don’t you?


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