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Will You Move to Cyprus to Have a House like this?

Prodromos and Desi Residence by VardaStudio Architects is built on a steep embankment, in such a way that half the home is embedded into the slope itself while the other half cantilevers out and over the landscape as the structure steps down from the street level, rooftop garage.

Located in Paphos, a coastal city in the southwest of Cyprus – an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, the modern design is surrounded by structures that speak of the islands history but even so the building settles softly and respectfully into the surrounding heritage.
From the street the only statement the home makes is one of refined and elegant simplicity.
The 2-car garage presents a closed and private facade to the street but the view sides are wrapped in vertical shade louvers for the ultimate in cross ventilation without loosing the security aspect. From here a stairwell or elevator creates the connection with the other three levels.
Half submerged into the slope, the structure takes advantage of mother nature’s thermal qualities, reducing the need for air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter.
The bottom storey of Prodromos and Desi Residence opens up to a grassed backyard, making the 3-storey home at ground level both top and bottom.
You could say the social level on the first level is also at ground level as the main entrance to the home has been cut out of the slope and created with the use of a retaining wall and an L shaped stairwell next to the driveway.
Inside the home, its all about the panoramic views – especially at sunset. Concrete walls, pale flooring out of large scale tiles, white walls and ceiling are all chosen to enhance the brilliant colors of the sky, sea and land.
both the living and dining room are contained within one large open plan and the wall of glazings that open to the views slide and stack away allowing the living zones to morph into outdoor areas easily and seamlessly.
The kitchen is positioned behind the dining room wall and like the living areas, large panels of glass slide open for easy transition to the al fresco dining area.
The outdoor social zone is covered by an overhang projecting from the garage above. The overhang has its own set of louvers for both shade and heat release.
The slats in the terrace ceiling create a fun pin stripe pattern on the decking – almost like an area rug of light and shadow.
The ceiling louvers are interrupted by a grid of support beams that have been wired for down lighting, making the terrace not only a perfect place to enjoy the views, but also a quiet place to catch up on reading even as the sun slowly disappears.
When its time for exercise there is no need to leave the terrace, just walk to the far end and dive into the pool.
Positioned around the corner from the al fresco dining area and off of the kitchen, refreshments are always close at hand.
If you don’t want to go for a swim, the pool is still a great place to sit, dangle your feet in the water and enjoy the view.
When day turns to night there are three bedrooms on the second level and the master suite on the third.
Each floor has been designed with the private functions contained within the slope and the more public areas projecting out from the slope, or in the case of the master suite, opening up to the grassy backyard.
Each of the three bedrooms on the second floor has access to a balcony overlooking both the views and the backyard below.
The large south facing wall of glazings on the first level social zone blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living while also permeating the home with amazing views.
Even the garage has panoramic views.
VardaStudio Architects
Photography by Creative Photo Room


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