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3 Storey Home on Steep Slope with Grass Roofed Garage

Located on the outskirts of Salzburg, Austria, and positioned on a triangular site on a steep slope overlooking the Alps, House T can be arrived aat from two different access roads. Haro Architects designed House T to work with the elements of the property, including the access roads and the mountains to the South. Designed as a simple geometric cube with only the terrace breaking the line of the rectangular cube, the home presents two different profiles – a private one to the street on the top North side and an exposed one with walls of glazings towards the views facing South. Additionally a garage is both exposed on the South side and hidden by the rooftop lawn that blends and connects with the backyard.

The terrace extends outward from the west side of House T, creating a covered and shelterd area to the backyard below. The backyard has a thin flat grassy area that then extends out over the garage to create a larger yard that is surrounded by a balustrade following the perimeter edge of the garage below.
Access to the backyard is from a flight of exterior stairs on the west side of the home or through doorways located next to the stairway and one directly below the terrace.
The large two car garage is completely hidden from the home by its grassy roof and the landscaped slope to its side. The garage accesses the home through a stairwell in a tunnel under the ground.
Even the way the outdoor stairs stop and then start again keeps the garage hidden.
The private facade facing the street is vertically clad in Larch wood siding with only a couple of window voids. This private facade is a complete contrast to the walls of glazings facing the views.
On the top of the slope and within a void in the wall, the main entrance offers a quiet visual to the street in keeping with the simple silhouette that frames it.
The home is located very close to the street so the closed and private facade not only offers privacy but soundproofing as well.
A second street level entrance is on the opposite side of House T, right next to the terrace.
The terrace is large and spacious, perfect for outdoor dining and lounging while enjoying the views of the city, mountains and setting sun.
The terrace narrows and then continues along the full length of the volume.
This top level of the home has the best views and is where the kitchen, living room and main entrance is located.
Designed with an open floor plan, the large cantilevers of the roof plane are created by the use of lightweight laminated wood boards (KLH).
The fireplace and shelving unit continue the geometry of the home.
The kitchen, like the fireplace, is kept clean lined and void of colour. This home is all about the views.
Just behind the fireplace a staircase leads to the private zone in the volume below. As with the fireplace and kitchen, the balustrade is a simple profile of white.
The house is built on three levels, and the intermediate volume is partially buried. It also has access to the garden – including the grass covered roof deck. This level housed the bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the fitness and sauna areas.
The stairs continue down to the garage on the lowest level.
Haro Architects
Photography by Stefan Zauner


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