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Modern Art Gallery House with Spiral Staircase Feature

Continuing our spiral staircase house theme from yesterday, here’s a sweet Sao Paulo house, designed by Brazil architecture firm of Isay Weinfeld that puts this stunning, sculptural, spiraling feature front and center. It’s only fitting that this contemporary style house and gallery was designed for a pair of art collectors with an unmistakable penchant for the modern and magnificent. At the heart of these minimalist interiors, a rich wood stair winds its way up through a massive circular opening in the second floor. This three-storey concrete and glass house features a glazed lower level and a private, cement-block upper that creates the illusion of floating in mid-air – true architectural art, if you will. Check it out.

The house was designed as a guest house used by the collectors and connoisseurs, providing a place for them to present their exhibitions, host parties for their art-loving circle, and accommodate guests during local art events.
The double-height living area at the center of the house is finished with white walls and a poured concrete floor, providing a contemporary but carte-blanche backdrop for shows and events.
The sliding glass walls open to the garden, highlighting the stark contrast between crisp contemporary interiors and the lush, green outdoors.
What an unusual and unexpected place to display art!
Overlooking the main floor, the upper level is accessed by two equally striking yet very different “floating” staircases. An ultra-modern stair of folded steel works its way up to a library loft; the other staircase takes a more organic form of winding wood working its way up through the floor to the bedrooms overhead.
The steel staircase is a fine, folded structure with a refined yet almost industrial edge.
The view from above.
This cool loft design idea offers a workspace and storage for a large library of books that’s out of the way. Sitting within this raised, quiet book nook, the open design lets you still enjoy openness and garden views.
At the opposite end of the spectrum, this Brazilian ironwood staircase is a substantial structure that dominates the main floor, its twisting form tempting you to ascend and explore.
The spiral staircase leads you to the upper level’s three bedrooms, a quirky art collection, and a glass wall offering a great view to the horizon.
From inside, the space feels open and airy, yet offers total privacy from outside.
We love how the leafy garden seems to swallow up this stunning modern house – a hidden gem in this garden setting.
Isay Weinfeld
via Dezeen
photo credit: Fernando Guerra


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