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House with Outdoor Spiral Staircase Leading to Rooftop Deck

Australian architect Edward Szewczyk designed this modern, stacked house in Sydney, Australia, a term we enthusiastically use to describe both its composition and its features. Dominant horizontal details – the terrace shelters and the home’s flat roof itself – give the home a clean, modern aesthetic. This contemporary style home features three levels of glass and terraces, with a partially suspended ground floor, and a rooftop deck accessed by a towering outdoor spiral staircase. At ground level, the sleek sandstone deck and pool match the home’s modern look, overlooked by glass galore – a glass demi wall encircling the pool, and glass walls surrounding the main floor. Meanwhile, interiors are bright and open, with views and walk-outs to the outdoors at every level.

aussie house with spiral staircase leading to rooftop deck 1 thumb 630xauto 35538 House with Outdoor Spiral Staircase Leading to Rooftop Deck

aussie house with spiral staircase leading to rooftop deck 2 thumb 630xauto 35540 House with Outdoor Spiral Staircase Leading to Rooftop Deck

The home’s various volumes – the glazed main floor and upper living areas – are all slightly shifted, protruding and pushed in like a manipulated cube, adding some oomph to simplicity.


The transition between indoors and out is seamless. Sliding glass doors disappear to open interiors to the outdoors.


Like the dominant exterior aesthetic, interiors are crisp and clean. The palette of white is punctuated by pops of vibrant color in the contemporary furniture choices. The floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall glazing invites the lush views of the outdoors – leafy plants lending green scenes and privacy.


The cool white palette is warmed up with natural stairs leading up behind a wood frame enclosure.


Tucked into the privacy of the upper level, this spa-inspired bathroom space brings a bit of luxury to the everyday. The white marble tiled floors, walls and countertops bounce the light around the room, pouring in through the clerestory window overhead.


The glass invites you out onto the terraces overlooking the city and the water. This private rooftop paradise raises you high above the hectic pace of the day to day, a secret outdoor oasis.


The home is characterized by its strong horizontal lines, appearing in the terraces, balcony enclosures, windows, right down to the final thoughtful detail.


Inspire of its contemporary-cool look and feel, the house was a certain warmth to it that invites you to set back, relax and enjoy…


… Enjoy the house, and the breathtaking vistas.


Floor plans:




Edward Szewczyk Architects
via Contemporist
photo credit: Justin Alexander



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