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House with Many Built-In Ideas

When we took the photo tour of this house by Australian architects Breathe Architecture, we were immediately surprised by its many built-in ideas. Located in Northcote, Australia, the house was designed for a family with three young boys, and three special requests – to offer privacy; to connect with the surrounding community; and to engage the garden and the sunlight. Well, the architects had their work cut out for them. They created this wood clad house that blends indoor and outdoor living areas. Interior rooms boast large windows, and swing-open panels and walls that dissolve the boundary between indoors and out. Looking inside, we were amazed at the artful way architecture and furniture come together, with elements like the built-in stair shelves, integrated wood table designs and a bed headboard, and the two decks that are, quite simply, a breath of fresh air. You could say this home’s “wow” factor is built in! Check it out.

The home’s facade is wrapped in native Sugar Gum timber and burnt Silvertop ash, native to the region. When closed, the windows and doors disappear into the home’s exterior, and the privacy objective is achieved.
When opened, the windows and doors not only let natural light in, but they also invite indoor living out – and thus the second objective is meet
A swing wall opens to the garden, transforming this into an outdoor living room, so to speak. Interiors have a certain rustic appeal, which brings a sense of comfort to this contemporary space.
The exposed, espresso-stained framing on the inside of this swing wall adds structure to the soft wood finish. Between the wood panels, slits of light shine in, illuminating interiors without compromising privacy. A large window at the center of the wall turns the outdoors into a natural focal point.
Behind the sofa, the wood wall slides open to reveal built-in shelving. We love the versatility of the sliding wall, putting books and collections on display when you want to show them off, or hiding them away for a clean, uncluttered look.
The home’s yellow and grey palette continues into the kitchen, where the backsplash becomes the center of attention with this trendy color combo and geometric diamond tile pattern.
We love the wood center island, featuring a tapering silhouette and built-in, overhanging wood countertop which doubles as a tabletop, perfect for quick meals on the go or a glass of vino and apps.
On one side of the wall, a built-in wood table is a humble, organic addition. Jostt on the other side of the wall, you’ll be lured upstairs by the built-in shelving unit featuring open and closed cubbies for storage and display.
This built-in headboard makes the whole bedroom! It anchors the room and defines its function – sleep! The rich wood finish works its way up from the floor. And on the bed, more of that yellow and grey color palette that we love. Dreamy!
The bathroom is bright and modern, featuring a fine tile backsplash against natural wood cabinets, all illuminated by this large picture window.
Follow grainy wood floor into the office area, where the vibrant green feature wall pops against the natural timber. The built-in desk is simple, yet stylish. The Eames plywood chair is the perfect finishing touch.
Another desk built into a nook offers an inspiring place to get to work. The black back wall makes a bold, but simple statement.
Another nook, wrapped in walls and wood, provides an out-of-the-way hiding place.
Another outdoor deck, offering some breathing room.
Breathe Architecture


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