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Modern Built-ins for Every Room and Purpose

Modern built-ins are no longer a signature feature of tiny mobile homes. Today, they can be seen anywhere from luxurious mansions to small apartments. Any room can benefit from built-in storage or furniture. Just a bit of space and a pair of professional hands can go a long way in saving precious square footage, and keeping the house tidy and clutter-free.

Built-in Storage

Built-in storage is probably the most popular type of storage. Convenient and often spacious, why wouldn’t it be? You can devote one of the walls to your books, clothes, or sweet nothings or even keep the kitchen utensils and foods all in one place with built-in storage.

Cool built-in storage wall
Cool built-in storage wall by Septembre Architecture
Bath built-in storage
Bath built-in storage by Brooke Wagner Design
Storage-friendly hallway by Andreas Charalambous
Storage-friendly hallway by Andreas Charalambous
Bathroom built-ins
Bathroom built-ins by Stacy & Charlie
Clever built-in headboard storage by DKOR Interiors
Clever built-in headboard storage by DKOR Interiors

There are quite a few ways to go about built-in storage aside from carving up your walls, though. One of the trendier solutions is to use that space beneath a staircase. There’s plenty of stuff you can store there.

Other solutions can be more decorative like this hallway backlit bookshelf designed by Andreas Charalambous.

Built-in Furniture

Likewise built-in furniture doesn’t look plain and uninteresting. At times it can quite conversely capture and command attention. These types of built-ins can even be created during construction. A small change in planning can eliminate the need for shopping for a specific furniture item like a long desk or an odd-sized bathroom vanity.

Windowsill desk
Windowsill desk by Found Associates
Built-in bed and desk by DKOR Interiors
Built-in bed and desk by DKOR Interiors
Built-in bed and desk
Built-in bed and desk by VAN STAEYEN Interior Architects
The Cabin by H2o Architects
The Cabin by H2o Architects
Built-in home bar
Built-in home bar by Cindy Smetana Interiors
Built-in butler's pantry
Built-in butler’s pantry by Space Solutions

Custom built-ins may cost you more than ready-made furniture, but how much better can it fit with each specific room.

Spaces with awkward floor plans can especially benefit from custom built-ins that take advantage of unusual room planning.

Modern Built-ins for the Office

Though home office doesn’t require much of storage nowadays, a few modern built-ins can give it a luxe touch, and give space to your home library or a souvenir collection. If you lack space, a built-in design will especially help you in incorporating a home office into your living room or hallway.

Home office built-in storage by Marie Flanigan Interiors
Home office built-in storage by Marie Flanigan Interiors
Built-in home office storage
Built-in home office storage by Todd Davis Architecture
Modest built-in home office
Modest built-in home office by Swan Architecture
Sophisticated built-in home office
Sophisticated built-in home office by Duet Design Group

Built-in desks may not be as convenient to move, but they are no less convenient in use. You can also customize your desk to retract whenever it’s not in use to save space in the house.

With modern office built-ins, you get a cleaner, neater working zone that has virtually no distractions, and can be easily repurposed as a storage solution.

Modern Built-in Closets

Speaking of storage, you can almost never go wrong with a built-in closet. Regardless of where and how you plan it, such storage will at the very least look neat, and at most will make your dressing room look like pure dream.

Mezzanine closet built-ins
Mezzanine closet built-ins by Naruse-Inokuma Architects
Stylish built-in closet
Stylish built-in closet by Marcel Meili and Markus Peter Architects
Sophisticated closet built-ins
Sophisticated closet built-ins via Impressive Interior Design
Laurel &; Wolf built-in mud room
Laurel &; Wolf built-in mud room

You can choose any style from contemporary minimalism to a more elaborate Art Deco, and your closet will look equally organized with built-in shelves, drawers, and racks.

Baskets and doors will give it a cleaner look, but you can’t really go for a much more organized clothes storage than that.

Interior Architecture Built-ins

Modern built-ins aren’t just there to store stuff or to be sat on. They can also make up the interior architecture of your home. They can bring more functionality to it or even make for a decorative design element.

Farmhouse built-ins
Farmhouse built-ins by Studio INAMATT
Contemporary built-in mezzanine
Contemporary built-in mezzanine by Studioata
Loft nest
Loft nest via Visual Stand Point
Modern built-in kitchen
Modern built-in kitchen by Yasunari Tsukada Design
In-built home bar by Corine Maggio
In-built home bar by Corine Maggio
Staircase storage
Staircase storage by 3XA

Take a closer look at the built-in home bar wall by Corine Maggio. It gives a glimpse of the next room, which is a great idea for an old-fashioned house, where you would like an open plan without knocking down walls.

Cubicle built-ins can also be useful in creating rooms within rooms, especially if those are tiny studios limited in space and privacy.

Built-in Surfaces

Another great advantage to built-ins is that you can customize them to fit any nook and corner that wouldn’t fit any other furniture set. Breakfast nooks are often built exactly this way.

Breakfast nook
Breakfast nook via Cybball
Buil-in sofa in a small apartment kitchen
Built-in sofa in a small apartment kitchen by Gosplan
In-built window fireplace seat
In-built window fireplace seat via Optimise Design
Built-in beds and shelves
Built-in beds and shelves by Sullivan Building and Design Group

Other surfaces that you can sit or lie on can include sofas, window seats, and bunk beds. The latter are great because they are much more sturdy and stable in comparison to the manufactured ones.

Hidden Modern Built-ins

Another good thing about the modern built-ins is that they may not be easy to spot. This in turn produces a sleek and polished look so coveted in contemporary interior design.

Sleek built-in living room storage
Sleek built-in living room storage by William Reue Architecture
Bertazzoni Design Series built-in oven
Bertazzoni Design Series built-in oven via Britannia Living
Contemporary built-in closet
Contemporary built-in closet by Curve Interior Design
Kitchen modern built-ins
Kitchen modern built-ins by Over,Under
Staircase hidden storage by Specht Architects
Staircase hidden storage by Specht Architects

From kitchen pantry to seasonal gear storage, anything can be disguised with a clever built-in. Just pick the location, and hire professionals who would make the process quick and painless.

Living Room Built-ins

Living room storage more often than not involves books. And since there can be many of them, you need a storage option that wouldn’t turn your entire room into a literal library but would also accommodate your whole collection.

Fireplace wall built-ins
Fireplace wall built-ins via Desiron
Living area built-ins
Living area built-ins via Usual House
Built-in bookshelf
Built-in bookshelf by Oscar Properties
Loft built-ins
Loft built-ins by Takane Ezoe and Modourbano
Living room storage
Living room storage by Kombinat Arhitekti
Window built-in bookshelves
Window built-in bookshelves via Keep Smiling

You can do what what most people do, and build an open shelving in a wall. Mix and match your books with some display items. But if you strive for a contemporary clean look, we suggest going with a minimal hidden storage wall that could double as a TV unit.

There is a lot more that you can do with modern built-ins. You can build entire rooms with them, if you want to. Granted they would not be as impressive or luxurious as separate designer furnishings, but they will definitely impress with clever design and execution.


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