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Dreamy Closet Design Ideas to Die for

Closet design is all about space-management today or so it seems. But what about good old design? Well, professionals never stopped looking for better and more glamorous design solutions. Even the smallest closets can be made to look chic and stylish.

Although customized designs are always more interesting to look at, some ready-made closets can provide everything from efficient organizing system to some handy features that usually come separately.

Ready-Made Closet Designs

LG Styler closet
LG Styler closet

Take, for instance, LG Styler. A closet that comes with a built-in steamer and deodorizer to effortlessly keep your clothes fresh and neat. A Sanitizer system also allows to keep the toys and bedding free from allergens and dust.

In addition it has a pant press, an aroma kit and an NFC Tag On for customizing cycles via your smartphone. How innovative and convenient! Sure, it won’t fit as many clothes but will prove a great addition to an existing organizer.

$25,000 closet
$25,000 closet by Ivano Redaelli

If IKEA clothes racks don’t inspire you, prepare to pay $25,865 for this designer open closet by Ivano Redaelli. Made of luxury materials the organizer would also look right at home in a mansion lobby.

Walnut drawers, silk panels and hanging lights give it a display storage feel, which is perfect for those who like to express their style in more than one way.

Celebrity Closet Designs

Lauren Conrad's closet
Lauren Conrad’s closet

There is nothing quite like a celebrity closet. Lots of space, luxury finishes, designer clothes and furnishings. No two are alike and every detail is carefully designed.

Lauren Conrad’s closet is spacious enough as it is but the numerous mirrored doors enhance it even further. Bold printed animal hide adds dynamic to the mostly white room complete with natural wood flooring.

Tyra Bank's closet

Tyra Bank’s closet via Architectural Digest

In the world of Tyra Banks (or at least in her closet) thrive order and sophistication. The white built-in shelves house an impressive shoe collection and accessories. Drawers and cabinets offer hidden storage for other types of clothes.

Light wooden floors look warm and inviting, although the patterned rug brings more comfort to the clothes section. A Lucite stool covered with black fur serves as a fitting pouf for dressing up.

Khloe Kardashian's closet
Khloe Kardashian’s closet via Architectural Digest

Khloe Kardashian is a known fashionista so the scale of her closet isn’t surprising. Perfectly organized space is built for pairs and pairs of shoes and an island offers a way to display multiple handbags.

Since the space was designed for efficient storage decor is limited to a giant crystal chandelier, a fluffy cream carpet, and a neutral printed ceiling wallpaper. Simple yet sophisticated.

Jenna Lyon's Brooklyn Townhouse closet
Jenna Lyon’s Brooklyn Townhouse closet

Jenna Lyon’s former Brooklyn townhouse has a peculiar closet. Clearly a room-turned-wardrobe it is outfitted with open shelves for shoes and clothes racks for suits.

A wooden island in the middle of the room probably houses more sensitive apparel. And only a floral chandelier and decorative horns make for decor statements.

Keri Russell's closet design
Keri Russell’s closet design via Elle Decor

Inside Keri Russell’s New York brownstone is a custom-built dressing room that has everything from a stylish built-in closet to a human-sized mirror.

There’s even a special hat rack. A distressed trunk looks especially intriguing. And it seems like a great way to store season clothes or special occasion outfits that you don’t wear often.

Multipurpose Closet Designs

Christine Mack's closet
Christine Mack’s closet via Elle Decor

Christine Mack’s Manhattan townhouse is all luxury. Closet is as spacious as the rest of the rooms exuding the same futuristic style.

Minimal storage gives room to a dressing table, which can easily double as an office desk. Besides, a Vladimir Kagan chair in Edelman leather looks comfy enough to work in.

Lindsay Albanese closet by Laurel & Wolf
Lindsay Albanese closet by Laurel & Wolf

Fashion expert Lindsay Albanese had designer Lucinda Pace of Laurel & Wolf create a corner closet in her studio apartment. Stylish dark grey walls provide a beautiful backdrop to the open organizer displaying her shoes and clothes.

A white fuzzy chaise longue doubles as a design element and a comfy seat for dressing up in the center. And at the side a framed mirror visually enhances the area that is now also a video set.

Fashion Closet Designs

Catherine Kwong's closet design concept
Catherine Kwong‘s closet design concept

Catherine Kwong has designed this closet inspired by a famous fashion blogger Claire Eadie. Complete with sophisticated built-in shelves and drawers the room is meant for style display.

In addition it’s filled with luxury details like a black and gold Blackman Cruz chandelier and a black glass and brass console from Sarlo.

Monique Lhuillier closet
Monique Lhuillier closet via Elle Decor

In the wardrobes of fashion designers there is no less chic and sophistication. And who knows more about how to make and store clothes, anyway?

Monique Lhuillier’s neutral dressing room is built for efficiency but it’s not without sophistication. Open clothes racks offer an easier access to apparel. The fuzzy poufs are ensuring ultimate comfort while dressing. And door-sized mirrors allow to see the full picture before getting out the door.

Professional Closet Design Ideas

Closet design by Celerie Kemble
Closet design by Celerie Kemble

Professionals know a thing or two about both design and organization. So when it’s time to build a closet they can pack both practicality and appearance into a single room or even corner.

Celerie Kemble’s sky blue closet is a perfect example. There’s plenty of storage space but the room looks stylish and clutter-free. It has character. We bet it has something to do with an unexpected paint color and marble countertops.

Closet decor by Sheila Bridges
Closet decor by Sheila Bridges

Sheila Bridges makes a case for hidden storage and offers something beautiful instead. Closets in this dressing room are covered with wallpaper drawings that create a totally unique look.

This is a great idea for a bedroom closet that needs a makeover. By the way, the tufted leather or velvet pouf can give your dressing room quite a luxurious touch.

Beverly Hills Luxury Closet by SEE Materials and SEE Construction
Beverly Hills Luxury Closet by SEE Materials and SEE Construction

This master suite closet in a $35 m Beverly Hills home was designed by SEE Construction. It’as as big as a dancing hall and as luxurious as, well, $35 million.

Ultra modern minimalist style calls for a clean look, hence, mostly hidden storage. A skylight in the ceiling supplements multiple built-in lights. And numerous mirrors and vanities allow for some personal space in a big dressing room.

Chic Closet Design Ideas

Chic closet
Chic closet via Room for Tuesday

Chic closets aren’t only about crystal chandeliers and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Sometimes a small pouf and an eye-catchy rug is all it takes to add chic to the room.

Here even the furnishings are minimal and by the looks of them quite affordable. And yet the result feels glamorous.

Closet design by Lisa Adams
Closet design by Lisa Adams

Lisa Adams turned this closet into a dream dressing room. Elegant cabinetry creates a sophisticated atmosphere whereas a glass chandelier makes a playful accent.

A sky blue patterned rug keeps the color scheme light. And although clothing breaks the flow of color it also gives the closet a lived-in look.

Small Closet Design Ideas

Customized closet by Mosaik Design & Remodeling
Customized closet by Mosaik Design & Remodeling

Even a small closet can look luxurious with a customized design. Here Mosaik Design & Remodeling used the floor plan to design storage built-ins. And they left some space for a marble-topped island.

The rest is all styling. An intricate chandelier adds charm to the small room. And an accessory box keeps the small finishing touches within a hand’s reach.

LA closet design
L.A. Closet Design via Elle Decor

Lack of space is easily solved with lots and lots of mirrors. In this closet hoverer a wall-sized mirror was used to create an illusion of space.

Golden accents echoing the mirror’s golden brass frame tie the decor together. And even the storage island doesn’t seem as much of an obstruction in this light white room.

Minimalist Closet Design Ideas

Closet designed by Nate Berkus Associates
Closet designed by Nate Berkus Associates

Minimalist style is perfect if you want to create a cleaner look in your closet. Designer Nate Berkus used grey-ish white for both walls and storage. Although he highlighted the window seat with white and green.

Open shelves and racks show off the clothes and shoes but all in all the room looks neat and clean.

Closey design by Timothy Haynes
Closey design by Timothy Haynes

Timothy Haynes also makes a case for a minimal closet design. Narrow and small it still has plenty of storage space. Additionally door-sized mirrors alleviate the claustrophobic feel in the room.

White and grey color scheme looks clean. And only the open shelves allow to turn clothes into bright accents.

Closet Door Ideas

Ornate bedroom closet soora
Ornate bedroom closet by Younique Designs

You really can’t overestimate the power of a door in design. It doesn’t just decorate the room but also makes the closet look more interesting.

Take a look at these ornate closet doors by Younique Designs. Sure they echo wallpaper but at the same time they emphasize the pattern creating a beautiful accent.

Closet design by Daryl Carter
Closet design by Darryl Carter

Designer Darryl Carter created a modern retreat for his parents in Bal Harbour, Florida. Minimal white interiors are decorated with multiple statement accents including a closet door.

Distressed, old arched door hangs on a sliding mechanism that hides a similarly arched alcove with a clothing rack and an upper shelf. The contrast is stunning.

White mirrored closet
White mirrored closet, Sorrento by Verandah House

Mirrored doors are a perfect choice for a closet. They save space, enhance it, and ensure no fashion faux pas goes unnoticed.

When it comes to closet design consider both your needs and possibilities. Sometimes a clothes rack and an old trunk can fit most of your functional wardrobe. On the other hand, if you have an extra bedroom to spare, why not make it your own celebrity-worthy dressing room?


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