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See Your Face in Every Surface with Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture is a matter of taste. Sometimes it looks good but it can also appear tacky. It’s not easy to style a room with mirrored furniture especially if it’s filled with numerous design elements and details.

Want to know a few secrets about implementing this trendy element into your interior? Follow our row of intriguing mirrored furnishings below and learn everything you need to know about styling them.

Mirrored Furniture Styles

Krystal 3 Drawer from Haute House
Krystal 3 Drawer from Haute House

As any other furnishings mirrored styles vary greatly in design and style. There are sleeker items like this drawer from Haute House and more elaborate and intricate lots.

These are more suited for a contemporary interior as they are minimal and easy to fit with the style.

Juno Foxed Mirror Credenza
Juno Foxed Mirror Credenza from John Richard Collection

More decorated designs look right at home in mock vintage and shabby chic styles. Eclectic interiors are a perfect environment for them as well.

You don’t want too many accents and details around these pieces, however, as they will compete with anything that isn’t playing a secondary role.

Mirrored Desk from Horchow
Mirrored Desk via Horchow

Although striking and gorgeous some of the mirrored furnishings aren’t practical at all. Take a desk, for instance. It looks impressive, no doubt, but it will get stained again and again if you are going to use it every day.

If your heart is set on a mirrored desk or a vanity, be prepared for high maintenance or just keep it as a beautiful display surface.

Glass coffee table Illusion by Glas Italia
Glass coffee table Illusion by Glas Italia

If you’re not into the ornate mirrored furniture, then perhaps a subtler style is in order. Some modern mirrored designs are so wispy and minimal they are barely noticeable.

They still have that useful property of visually enhancing small spaces, though.

Tinted Mirror Finish

Four Door Mirrored Dresser
Four Door Mirrored Dresser from John Richard Collection

One of the difficulties with styling mirrored furniture is its cold silver shine that doesn’t fit with every color scheme. That’s why some designers release softer, warmer mirror tints that prevent the sterile metallic mirror look.

These are best suited for neutral color schemes that aren’t black and white or can be used to soften the monochromatic designs.

Elsa Mirrored Bar Cabinet
Elsa Mirrored Bar Cabinet via Horchow

Antiqued mirror of this Elsa Mirrored Bar Cabinet is both sophisticated and warm. It works well with the chocolate brown wooden floors as well as the pristine white walls.

Accented with an antiqued bronze frame, we’re sure it may find way into interiors of different styles.

Katty Schiebeck used a mirrored console in a small apartment
Katty Schiebeck used a tinted mirrored console in white interior

You’ll find that many mirrored pieces stick out from decor because of their strong metallic shine. This could be easily solved with a toned down or tinted design like the one designer Katty Schiebeck used in this 400-square-meter (4305 sq. ft.) apartment in Barcelona.

The sandy brown parquet goes well with the tea-tinted mirrored console that softens the shining white wall with its darker tone.

Belinda Golden Mirrored Bench
Belinda Golden Mirrored Bench via Horchow

Not all tints have to be subtle, though. Here is a golden mirrored bench that is bound to attract attention. And in a good way.

The contrast between a tiled golden frame and a white linen seat is so glamorous it’s hard to keep your eyes off of this thing.

Mirrored Coffee Tables

Quartz Square Mirrored Coffee Table
Quartz Square Mirrored Coffee Table from Black Orchid London

For all its reflective and enhancing properties mirrored furniture can still sometimes look overwhelming. So if you want to try it out without the risk of it overtaking your home, go with a safe bet that is a coffee table.

It’s small and won’t stick out too much even if it comes in such an elaborate design as the one above from Black Orchid London.

Small apartment styled by Josefin Haag
Small apartment styled by Josefin Haag via Fantastic Frank

It may be as basic and small as a mirrored cube, though. Trendy, easy to style, and probably quite affordable a mirrored cubic coffee or side table is a perfect way to start finding your way around mirrored furniture.

It’s also a great addition to a small apartment with a tiny living area. Simple, mobile, stylish and very cool.

Duval Mirrored Coffee Table from Horchow
Duval Mirrored Coffee Table via Horchow

Tints aren’t the only way to ensure your mirrored furniture stays within the style of a room. Various finishes and textures that soften the sharp mirror shine can help you create a quite sophisticated look.

Take this Duval coffee table, for example. Its mirrored surface looks like it was dusted with sand and then encased in a bigger table, and yet how subtle does it look.

Mirrored Beds

Mirrored canopy bed in Kate Moss-designed retreat
Mirrored canopy bed in Kate Moss-designed retreat via Harper’s Bazaar

If you’re an adventurous soul that is ready to jump right on this furniture trend, why not do this in a big way, with a mirrored canopy bed? Since the bed is a focal point of the bedroom anyway the mirrored finish will only make it look more impressive.

Not exactly known to be subtle, fashion model Kate Moss added such a bed to a retreat she designed in a collaboration with YOO.

Ariel of Something Navy bedroom makeover features a mirrored canopy bed
Ariel of Something Navy bedroom makeover features a mirrored canopy bed via PopSugar

Not ready for such a commitment? There is a compromise, as usual. Reflective metallic bed frame may not be as expensive as a mirrored one, but you still won’t be able to avoid those annoying fingerprint marks.

Ariel of Something Navy did a makeover of her bedroom adding a metallic canopy bed to the interior along with a mirrored nightstand and a Lucite bench. Glam, yet a bit more reserved and lived-in.

Mirrored Benches

Pied-a-Terre With a City Skyline View by Andrew Skurman
Pied-a-Terre With a City Skyline View by Andrew Skurman

Architect Andrew Skurman too went with a metallic bench coupled with two mirrored nightstands for this apartment bedroom in a neutral color scheme.

It has to be noted that fur and mirrors make a terrific combination of luxury and glamour.

Denison Mirrored Bench
Denison Mirrored Bench via Neiman Marcus

This mirrored bench is made to complement a king-sized bed frame with a tufted headboard and high-end bedding.

It further adds luxury and glamour to it with its intricately shaped legs and a matching tufted seat.

Shilo Mirrored Bench
Shilo Mirrored Bench via Neiman Marcus

But doesn’t a mirrored bench sound like a fitting hallway furnishing? Think about it, a tight narrow space enhanced with mirrors and reflective surfaces will look much more inviting and bright.

Although this Shilo bench has a dulled silver-leaf finish, it can enhance and decorate any hallway bringing in light and glamour.

Mirrored Consoles & Side Tables

Home & Fabulous Living Room mirrored console
Home & Fabulous living room mirrored console

Still tiptoeing around the idea of mirrored furniture? Consoles and side tables are there for you to experiment with. They are also perfect furnishings for a dark narrow hallway, tiny living rooms, and just any other area you would like to enhance visually.

Lizbeth Carrillo of Home & Fabulous used this ornate mirrored console to complement a big white mirror in her living room and display matching lamps and a vintage phone.

Hoboken Condo bedroom designed by Amy Elbaum
Hoboken Condo bedroom designed by Amy Elbaum

One of the problems we have with nightstands is that more often than not they look like two alien growth on a bed. Other times they appear like parts of a bed set. You may decide what is less appealing to you or opt for alternatives.

A mirrored nightstand just makes sense. It brightens up the space around the bed and brings a bit of glamour to the room.

Interpol Side Table from Haute House
Interpol Side Table from Haute House

A side table may not seem very useful but there is a case to be made for its extensive decorative qualities. First of all, it makes a good nightstand. Then it could also become a small detail in the living room that isn’t too grand but not unnoticeable either.

It’s a great item to fill in an awkward corner with or make your lamps levitate. This little guy from Haute House though unassuming is very good-looking.

Grand Furniture

Eliza 72 L Antiqued Mirrored Dining Table from John Richard Collection
Eliza 72 L Antiqued Mirrored Dining Table from John Richard Collection via Horchow

Grand furniture items like sofas, dining tables, wardrobes and tall cabinets don’t often come in a mirrored finish. It’s simply not practical. But if occasional fingerprint marks can’t drive you crazy, why not try them?

Here is an impressive dining table made of antiqued mirror and wood you can place in your formal dining room with tufted seats and big chandeliers.

Rebecca Mirrored Sofa by Haute House
Rebecca Mirrored Sofa by Haute House via Neiman Marcus

Creating haute couture furniture in Hollywood style Haute House brings you their sky-colored plush tufted sofa with mirrored handles. Sure, it’s not a conventional all-mirrored piece but it will most definitely make a statement in any decor.

Besides, mirror accents are perfect for tying it together with a mirror-covered coffee table.

Johnathan Adler's Delphine Bar
Jonathan Adler’s Delphine Bar via Horchow

Jonathan Adler is a master of design. His entire Delphine collection is an assortment of masterpieces much like this mirrored bar that almost makes us wish we drank.

Although it may not be very practical, mirrored furniture is a way to add an unexpected accent to your interior. Don’t overuse it, give it enough space, and it will look stylish and classy.


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