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20 Trestle Desk Ideas for the Hottest Trend

trestle-desk-ideas-hot-trend-1-spoon- kartell.jpg
Some trends come and go and some are here for the long term. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which, but in the case of the modern Trestle desk, its lightweight appeal and modern look is one of those trends that is definitely here to stay. Trestle desks have been popping up everywhere from design shows to interior inspirations and Europe has already embraced this cool, modern and trendy look. Its compact design is ideal for small spaces and the openness keeps it lightweight and easy to move around. What I especially like about the Trestle Desks is the way they add a blast of personality to any home office. When working from home whether full time, part time or just on occasion, your desk should be an extension of who you are and what you like. Trestle Desks fit perfectly into this scenario with their wide variety of material choices and colours. Who wouldn’t want to work at one of these awesome desks?
The Red Hot “Spoon” by kartel
It can be a challenge to incorporate colour into a desk – awesome to look at but too distracting when you are actually sitting there trying to get something done. The Spoon Table is the perfect solution; red-hot trim and trestle legs are out of sight when looking down at the clean white surface but from a distance the blast of red keeps the office area cheerful and fun. I love the tongue in cheek digital print font wallpaper by Mr. Perswall behind the desk. If red’s not your colour of choice, the desk also comes in an all white or all black version, but I say, be brave and go red, either way the modern look of this table is sure to be a show stopper in any contemporary space.
Spoon Trestle Table.through Kartell

trestle-desk-ideas-hot-trend-2-spoon- kartell.jpg
Plan to get a lot of work done at the “Plan” Desk
While many Trestle Desks do not offer much in the way of storage, The Plan Desk has addressed this with one long drawer that runs the length of the table between the trestles, and two smaller ones on either side. Symmetrical in appearance and shallow in depth, the trestles remain the star of the show. The long drawer is perfect for “plans” as the name suggests. It would also be a great place to store large drawings, prints and maps. This means that artists, architects and geologists would love the Plan Desk
trestle-desk-ideas-hot-trend-3-plan-light- jamestat.jpg
The “Plan” Desk Wows in A Natural Finish
The light natural tones of the wood harmonize beautifully with the soft blue grey desktop
Light wood is perfect for a Scandinavian or Cottage interior.
Plan Desk through James Tattersall
Angling For A Laptop Station
This Trestle Desk is tucked into a sloped niche created by the roofline. White walls and a light hardwood floor are a soft backdrop for the bold use of black on the table, rug and lamp. The black face of the laptop blends in with these accessories. For a punch of fun colour a vintage globe is perched on a stack of boxes and a vintage chair brings in another shade of brown. The homeowner has made a feature of the ceiling line by arranging a series of black and white bug prints to correspond with the angle
Short Or Tall – It Does It All
Not everyone is a one size fits all and this Trestle Desk addresses the need for versatility in height with its design. Not only does the desk top raise and lower, it also incorporates a double shelf below a glass top for tucking in momentos. The Saw Horse design of the legs creates an additional two shelves for placing magazines, books, or small containers. To compliment its country cottage appeal, the two shelves on the wall are mounted with large brackets rather then floating and the vintage chair is upholstered in a soft grey velour.
Black and White and Oh So Awesome
I am really loving the trend towards whitewashed wood flooring. It leaves a space light and bright and lets the furniture and accessories make the statement. In this case the statement is definitely the small work station tucked casually in the corner. The black legs on the Trestle Desk are repeated in the chair and the staggered grouping of black and white photography that wrap around the corner in a casual yet dramatic vignette. The loose grouping of the photos is a subtle way to hide any clutter that might happen on the desk itself.
A Jack and Jill Trestle Is Built For Sharing
A joint office is something that appeals to many couples and this Jack and Jill Trestle Desk is just the answer. Wide enough for a work station on either side it extends into the room from one wall creating a clear division to the two sides of the home office.
Arne Jacobson Ant Gets Trestled
A modern Trestle Desk is paired with a mid century Ant Chair by Arne Jacobson and the two styles are in perfect sync in this otherwise neutral room. The splashes of bold pink are a bold contrast to the soft blue of the chair.
Boldy Chic With Industrial Appeal
A large-scale grey desk lamp, a casually leaning white on white picture and a series of 8 black clip boards mounted on the wall create an intriguing backdrop for a stark white Trestle Desk. The backless chair on its tripod base is uber industrial – as is the hot water heater below the window. As a singular grouping this office area is a super cool place to catch up on work.
A Small Corner Niche Gets Trestled
Because Trestle desks are so easily fitted into small locations, they are the perfect choice for a small working station in a hall niche. Here the desk is kept unassuming by the choice of a white desk against white walls. Since there is no room for any other additional furniture pieces, a black magnetic bulletin board is mounted on the wall above the desk.
A Peek A Boo Work Station
This hallway workstation is both separate and inclusive to the rest of the apartment. With a peek a boo round opening to the dining area and an easy peek around the corner to the living space, it is easy to keep in touch with other family members while hard at work. A large bulletin board mounted above the Trestle Desk keeps things organized and personalized.
Planking The Trestle For a Rustic, Reclaimed Appeal.
For a rustic weathered look the top of this Trestle Desk is constructed with laminated 2×6 kiln dried planks that has been stained a dark wash. A found license plate and retro desk lamp continue the rustic and reclaimed look of this workstation.
A Place for Keys, Mail and More
Even a hallway can get Trestle-ized. The Trestle Desk here doubles as a drop off station for your keys, sunglasses and mail, but it also doubles as a place to put your shoes on before you leave the apartment, and as a quiet place to catch up on your reading. Kept mostly to a white on white scheme, the surface of the desk is done in a solid black for just that little bit of punch.
Keeping it Neutral
With the white washed floors, white walls, white desk and white bed linens, the only deviation is the natural wood chair and the black and white poster leaning against the wall. The subtle addition of black and natural wood is all that’s needed to create a lively vignette to this laptop station.
Plants For Colour
A room of black and white hard-scaping and accessories is livened up with just a touch of natural greenery. The punches of black on the office chair and Trestle Desk legs is continued on through the use of black and white photography on the wall and a bold striped pillow on the couch.
Small On Space, Big On Style
If you are tucking a Trestle Desk into a small corner, it doesn’t mean you have to keep the accessories small in scale. Here a vintage Arrow Back chair is paired with an over scale desk lamp with a wooden swing arm. A large black and white poster leans casually against the wall and the comfortable vignette is emphasized with the tossing of a shirt on the chair and a purse on the desk.
Hallway Haven To Hang Out In
Who wouldn’t want to work in a hallway this cool? With a full bank of drawers on the left side of the desk and an upper shelving unit to hold photos, magazines and more, this small work station has tons of storage. The leather chair, animal skin rug on the floor and wood topped desk bring in the natural elements and the row of pinned photos add the personal touch.
Young at Heart and Hard at Work
Trestle Desks have a fresh appeal to them that heavy more traditional desks just don’t. Here the light and airy trestle is paired with a black chair that has white edge detailing. The tailored look of the chair is a whimsical contrast to the simple structure of the Trestle; add to this the pin striped paper bag with its edges casually rolled down as a creative replacement to a standard paper basket and the over all look of this office nook is one of fun, flair and youthful spirit.
The Global Appeal of a Sewing Station
Trestle Desks don’t just have to be used as laptop or study stations. Here the Trestle is set up as a sewing station. A stack of well-worn travel suitcases is stacked behind the desk on the opposite wall to hold materials and other sewing paraphernalia. A large gilded mirror is casually leaning against the wall for a touch of glam and a kilim rug on the floor adds an Eastern touch.
A Student Trestle For Homework And More
Trestle Tables are not just lightweight and mobile, they are also adjustable in size and if there is not much room in your child’s bedroom for a desk, a Trestle is just what you need. The material of choice for this Trestle desk is an affordable plastic, the desk is matched with a moulded plastic chair and next to it is a bold black and white bedspread on the bed with the addition of posters mounted on the wall in various sizes, the desk seems more modern décor then homework station.
Alvhem Makleri & Interior


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