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These 20 Glass Top Desk Will Start Your Home Office Revamp

Give your home office a major uplift by adding a new desk into the mix. If you’re looking for something clean and sophisticated, these designs will do just that. From feminine to more edgy, these 20 glass top desks will start your home office revamp on the right foot.

Brettford Desk from Hayneedle

This Brettford desk is a great piece to start your home office transformation or decorating with. Chrome legs, a black laminate finish and the glass top all come together easily making a modern, versatile look. Whether it’s for homework or a quick project for work, it’s functional too!

Ava Metal Desk from Pottery Barn

Here’s a another simple design that can be used around the house for a medley of reasons. From a writer’s desk or a place to gather bills, this slick design will help to jazz up corners while providing the needed function. And those crossbeam legs add an extra bit of style that we’re loving!

Cross Base Desk from West Elm

The legs of this beauty make a beautiful statement as well. It’s a clean design that can work for home office space without causing too much clutter or commotion. You’re starting with a clean palette here that you can style as you like.

Viso Tempered Glass Desk from Structube

It’s not just the top of this desk that’s glass, it’s the entire thing. We love this tempered look and how futuristic it is. It’s got a “waterfall” style that will easily become a timeless addition to any room of your home.

Mason Glass Desk from Williams Sonoma

Here’s another glass top desk design that’s got the cross base legs we love. This particular piece mixed contemporary style with an antique spirit so it’ll fit into more masculine, subdued home offices with ease. It’s also a bit bigger in size!

LumiSource Avery Desk from Overstock

Check out this desk with its funky, hairpin legs. If you was something less chunky, go with a design with smaller, more elegant lines. And this avery desk has just that!

Oslo Sundance Desk from Overstock

If you’re into a bit of eclecticism and mixing material, you’ll fall hard for this Sundance desk. It’s got white finishes, wood pieces and, of course, it’s topped with the glass we’re inspired by. it’s got a bout of country flavor that we love bringing into modern homes making them a bit warmer and welcoming.

Futura L-Shaped Desk from Target

If you need the extra space you’ll want to look at function a bit more than style. And that’s where this Futura desk will come in handy. It’ll hug the corners, you’ll have the room get your work done but you’ll get a sleek, contemporary style that blends nicely too.

Corbel Glass Desk from RH

Here’s a piece that acts a bit like artwork. It provides a focus and a beautiful, design statement for your home. With the thick, wooden legs and the glass top, you get eclecticism and innovation.

Racing Style Writing Desk from Wayfair

Here’s another glass top desk that speaks to someone’s function a bit more than the style they’re looking for. It’s a brilliant computer desk with wheels that will move it around the office with ease. Of course, the design is innovative enough to fit in more modern visions as well.

Acme Boyd Desk from Staples

This desk is rather quirky with its mixed material and mid-century modern essence. It’s the perfect writing desk that will easily fit into nook or crannies of the home. It’s even a great spot to create under a stair alcove to collect the mail and bills at.

Zoreina Glass Desk from The Classy Home

Of course if you’re looking for something a bit more outside-the-box, this glass desk could be your ticket. It comes with storage and display built right into the frame! We’re loving it’s futuristic feel as well.

Homegear Writing Desk from Wayfair

A personal favorite of the list, this gold and glass top desk will fit into more feminine and refined spaces with ease. If you’re building an office that includes some romance, sophistication and bouts of femininity then this is the piece to start off the magic with.

Marmarth Executive Desk from All Modern

This design is more traditional with its black finish but still has a twist of uniqueness built in its leg design. We see the trendy cross base here as well and one that will work to satisfy both male and female style.

Neptune Computer Desk from Amazon

Here’s another computer desk that matches function before style. But if you’re creating a space that’s built on futuristic need and style, this is exactly the type of design you’ll want to scoop up. It’s especially nice for those that work on desktops.

LumiSource Glacier Desk from Hayneedle

Modern is all its edges and functional it its entire glass look. There’s a drawer for your necessities but the simple, de-cluttered feel is perfect for the minimalist’s home office.

Pilsen Corner Desk from Crate & Barrel

If you’re looking for a desk that will provide you with a lot of work room, here’s another corner desk that will make that happen. But it’s got a more slick, contemporary design for those that still want to be conscious of this  decor.

Ingrid Writing Desk from Joss & Main

Simple and delicate in its design, this piece won’t take up too much room but it’s got a bit of built-in display and storage we love as well. This will be able to stand on its own inside your home office or in the hallway, a corner or a bedroom elsewhere in the house.


Mandarin Contemporary Desk from Overstock

And finally, here’s a contemporary desk that adds a bit more flavor to its legs. The geometric design easily makes this a more stylish and surprising choice of the bunch. And the brushed, stainless steel will also pair well with simple glass.


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