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Luxury Offices: Beautifully Reclaimed Wooden Desks

A beautiful office feature and must-have staple for a long-term work space, a reclaimed wooden desk is something that only gets better with time and is something you will cherish forever. Today we’re looking at some of the best built desks salvaged from weathered high quality wood. From rustic to rich, here’s our favourites from this timeless work space trend:

Reclaimed wood l shaped desk

The perfect L shaped desk configured with solid reclaimed wood and steel legs makes for a spacious and comfortable work space for a job that requires a lot of one on one meetings. One side can be used for a computer and the other as a workspace between you and a client or partner. We certainly don’t mind the view either.

industrial reclaimed wood desk

This desk called the “Morella Desk,” combines industrial iron with a soft distressed wood surface. We love how gentle yet utilitarian this desk looks in front of a bright window. The extra open shelf space is great for a stacks of books and papers as well.

Reclaimed wooden desk

Here’s a closer look at a modern styled reclaimed wooden desk. Again a rustic smooth wooden table top sits on dark iron legs. We love the simple metallic desk lamp and candle as decor. If you notice the fluffy chair pillow in the corner, this softens out the bold and structured look of the rest of this work space.

Tall writing desk with reclaimed wood on top and pipes

A narrow console table makes for the the perfect writing desk. This one’s made of reclaimed wood salvaged from an old barn in the Midwest. The minimal space this desk takes up makes for a great addition to an entry way, hall way, or of course a study/office. The legs here are made of black steel pipe. Again a simple but modern desk lamp is enough to style a beautiful reclaimed desk like this, but we love the plants as well.

White desk reclaimed wood

We love this simple table style desk sitting in the middle of this clean office. With a beautiful wood like that, you don’t need extra adornment on top or underneath the surface. Instead, designers have chosen to use a unique and vintage baseball glove style chair separate from the desk to accent it. If you’re the type to get overwhelmed or unorganized easily, a fresh work space environment without excess clutter can be ultra helpful in maintaining a fresh and productive mind.

Reclaimed wood behind and deskk

When you love the wood so much, why not use it on your walls or floor too? This rich reclaimed wooden bureau looks great with a wooden backdrop in similar shades and tones. A contrasting bold patterned rug keeps our eyes from seeing the desk as a morphed part of the wall.

Industrial reclaimed wood desk with pipes legs

If you’ve got an industrial styled space, a distressed reclaimed desk with pipe or iron legs will accentuate the look even further. We love the sole drawer and wired basket underneath, giving this desk extra character and vintage charm.

Reclaimed wood wall desk

Save space by building a desk that is part of a larger book shelf. Thick slabs of distressed wood and strong iron supports make for a great sturdy and functional shelf. A small chair also keeps the desk space from taking up a lot of room as well.

Reclaimed wood placed in front of windows

This gorgeous desk sits in the centre of a room facing beautiful and serene forest views. Imagine how peaceful working here would be! The rich and smooth chestnut wood stands with thin rods of iron over a dark and distressed rug. A rich brown leather desk chair ties this luxurious look together for a work space experience like no other.

Reclaimed wood wall and old round desk

Desk shapes don’t always have to be rectangular or straight. A semi circle rounded desk is comfortable and functional for a desk sitting in the middle of a room. The smooth dark wood and matching leather seat makes for a rich desk space fit for a king!

Salvaged wood desk

Another take on the soft and rustic salvaged wood look. We love the matching wood and iron rod shelves on the sides highlighting this desk space beneath a beautiful bright window.

Table style desk from reclaimed wood

A large table style desk is great for a  communal work space or meeting room. Because of the simplicity in a table style, the customization and choice on chairs is endless. The key here is a strong reclaimed wood surface for large and spread out projects such as design, graphics, and architecture plans.

Side by side double console

We love this modern side by side double console desk and how they match imperfectly. With a mix and match of different size and styled drawers as well as different coloured chairs, our eyes are kept intrigued.

Transform a closet into a office

Transform what might be meant for as closet space into a modern desk space with a beautiful thick slab of reclaimed wood between two walls–no legs needed! We love the private little work space this technique provides and the simple stool is easily tuck-able underneath if you were to keep the closet doors on to close when not in use.


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