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“Tent House” camps out in Aussie Outback

Turon House is like a permanent tent, both in look and feel, offering all-weather camping in the great outdoors without sacrificing the comfort of home. This natural riverside location, Australia’s Turon Valley in New South Wales, was chosen for the owner and designer’s love of the wilderness. Originally planned as a casual shelter for camping, Greg took the structure a step further and instead created this wood-land residence that offers cozy “camping” in any weather.

The designer of this home – a first in his repertoire – worked with a small budget (just $140K) and a big imagination, as well as a strong sense of responsibility for the surrounding environment. This classic cabin structure features wood walls and a sloping gable roof that echoes the silhouette of a tent or a ramshackle shed, with its unusual incline and metal cladding. The roof stands 7 meters high at the front entrance and angles down toward the ground as you make your way back. All that’s missing are the tent ropes and pegs!
This compact cabin features natural materials with a humble, rustic aesthetic which works its way indoors. Wood floors and exposed beams overhead scream “countryside!”
Floor-to-ceiling windows bring nature indoors while keeping the elements and uninvited creepy-crawly visitors out.
Sustainability plays in important part in this eco home design, which maximizes passive solar principles for heating (coupled with a rustic style stove to warm the home in the cold winter months) as well as passive cooling via strategic floor-level louvre windows.
For additional info visit the Turon House online.


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