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Tent House with Freezer Fly Roof, Campy Concrete Interiors

There are certainly some unusual architectural features here in New Zealand’s Tent House designed by local firm Irving Smith Jack Architects is indeed a pioneering piece of architecture, in terms of the basic concept behind the design, as well as its connection to nature. The super insulated house was made to withstand the region’s extreme temperatures, ranging from winter permafrost to sweltering summers. The sloping roof / walls feature voids that let natural light and breezes permeate its exterior, while visually breaking up its solid steel facade. Beneath the “tent,” a concrete core separated interior from the wild outdoors. Check it out.

The home’s surroundings are raw and untouched – no fences, no structures within sight, the house being the only man-made addition to this open, barren landscape.
One of the most interesting exterior architectural details is the fly of the “tent” which stretches over the concrete volume underneath, a composition that lends this interesting house its name.



Gaps in the corrugated steel roof panels connect the house to the nature which surrounds it. The covering – which is actually made of freezer panels – shelters the house from the harsh winds and weather, without compromising the views and natural ventilation.

Behind the tent-like exterior, alfresco living areas are sheltered, but boast a wonderful outdoors feel with a contemporary edge. An outdoor living area complete with a fireplace is the perfect place to unwind when the temperatures cooperate.
Past the home’s large expanses of glass within its concrete inner volume, living spaces enjoy a comfortable setting year-round, without compromising on the vistas.

The eclectic interiors are in sharp contrast to the outdoors, featuring a totally refined palette of colors, materials and art as you make your way down the long hallway leading through the elongated house plan.
But alas, nature is never far off. This wood-wrapped den features warm walls and ceilings, complemented by cozy furniture that invites casual comfortable living.
Like indoors versus outdoors, the ultra modern and organically inspired interior styles stand out against each other.
The bedroom features a wood sleeping nook open to the greater space and bath area.
Indoors or out, this cool house has many surprises in store, much like this modern architectural design itself is a shocking addition to this rough, wild setting.
Irving Smith Jack Architects


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