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Artist Kat O’Sullivan Turns Home into Psychedelic Street Art

Artist Kat O’Sullivan purchased a dilapidated 1840s home in New York, to be not only her place of residence but also her muse for her various artistic endeavors. Known as Katwise, Kat creates art with what she calls “a million colors” and the end result is a psychedelic trip back to the 60s but with a more modern geostyle rather then techno style aesthetic. Since her newly renovated home was to be the place where her creative magic would take place, it needed to go with the color flow. True to her artistic talent, the multi hued home creates a stunning statement next to the raw beauty of Mother Nature’s landscape.

Kat and her partner, Mason Brown, not only reconstructed the run down residence – they also added new architectural details (other then the wildly wonderful colorations such as the red gingerbread fascias not yet installed in this photo).
True to form Kat’s van is also a kaleidoscope of color and pattern. And it looks picture perfect parked in her driveway.
While the front of the home features a “restrained” color pattern, the more private back facade breaks loose with a smile and a row of eyes. It’s as thought the building is saying, “Here’s looking at you and you and you kid”.
What makes all the colors sing harmoniously is the constant use of black to create outlines of the various patterns and details – even when the patterns don’t follow the architectural details, such as the door.
Kat and Mason’s creations did not stop with the building, but continued on into the landscape with a stacked rock fence that loops out to surround an al fresco area. Smartly, the fence is a restrained natural hue – allowing the home to stay the center of attention.
When the sun is out, the reflections in the nearby lake are exquisite as is the English style flower garden spilling forth from more rockeries. The colorscaping within the garden and the home are so naturally in balance with each other that Kat’s hand-painted rainbow on the photograph appears to be real.
You just know this Psychedelic Street Art covered home will inspire some pretty awesome art.
via designboom


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