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House and Artist Studio with Softly Curving Roofline

The Butle Compound is located in Jackson, Wyoming, USA, on a 38-acre site overlooking the confluence of the Snake and Gros Ventre Rivers as well as the Teton Mountain Range and National Parks. The owners of the site approached Carney Logan Burke Architects with a brief to create a home that maintained a low profile, blending with the sites topography while at the same presenting an architectural profile embracing the western aesthetic.

The architects design capitalizes on the site by weaving the architecture into the topography, allowing the home to settle into the slight rolling of the natural landscape.
By organizing the various zones into a series of volumes that traverse the property, each area can take advantage of the sweeping vistas punctuated only by the verticality of the trees.
From the street, the home presents a soft profile where roof and building meld and merge over the walkway with an angled side panel to the roof itself. The soft curve of the roof and the angled side panel seem to frame the view beyond as it is seen through the glazings of the entry and the back of the home.
This continuation of the view through the home is accentuated by the void between the roofline and the lower volume, creating a surreal “what is real and what isn’t” aspect when the answer is that the views are all real.
Aside from the architects ability to incorporate the views into the design of the home’s façade, they have also created a complex geometry of curves and angles that appear effortless within their cladding of clear tongue and groove cedar.
Aside from using wood to create the western aesthetic the homeowners desired, the architects also used stone on various segments of the building.
house-artist-studio-softly-curving-roofline-8- stone-wood.jpg
The combination of the stone and wood are a combination prevalently seen in Western architecture and the combination of the two materials within the façade of the Butle Compound help tie the home into the surrounding landscape.
The use of stone on the patio decking creates a strong sense of connection to the land, which is further emphasized by the pale grey upholstery on the outdoor furnishings.
Inside the home the connection to the land continues via panoramic views through the large expanses of windows as well as through the row of clerestory windows.
house-artist-studio-softly-curving-roofline-11-hall and dining.jpg
On the walls that aren’t covered in glazings, the homeowners have featured pieces from their art collections.
Glazings are not just for the windows. In the hallway that separates the two home offices, the walls are glassed to allow natural light to flood through and to allow views from both sides of the home be shared.
The kitchen is one room that does not feature any art on the walls, here its all about culinary art forms and what better place to create masterful food moments then in this chef’s kitchen. Lit with rows of ceiling pots, under cabinet lighting and 3 oversized island pendants, the homeowner never has to worry about shadows, add to this the state of the art appliances and the large prep space within the island as well as the stunning cabinetry and it is not hard to imagine the cooking experience to be one of enjoyment and creativity.
The homeowner’s collection of contemporary art and sculpture expands into functional items and this stunning pendant over the stairwell is a prime example of lighting as art. The graceful length, slowly tapering within its 4 rows of rectangular glass wings stretching out and away from a central column of blue and amber is just stunning.
Upstairs the Master Bedroom is an oasis of soft shades of beige both within the architecture and within the art, accessories and bed linens. Here, the only pops of colour come from the landscape beyond.
The ensuite continues the zen palette but makes a bold statement with its 12" and 24" door and drawer pulls as well as through the gooseneck faucets.
The homeowners art collection is not simply a product of their love of others work; they themselves are passionate about the creative process and have their own art studio within their Butle Compound. Complete with its own entrance, incredible views, and fantastic lighting, it is not hard to imagine creativity flowing effortlessly from the inner most corners of their being.
The architects created a studio that any artist would be happy to use. It has everything from a wash up counter full of storage to a work station that the artist can teach students from as well as that fantastic track lighting system, allowing the homeowner to easily adjust the heads as need by.
Carney Logan Burke Architects


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