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Curving house in South Korea adapts to the land

Cool curvature and contemporary style characterize this house located in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea by JOHO Architecture. The raised house design and its curved walls adapt to the site’s uneven terrain, which is dotted with rocks and trees and other undesirables. Thinking outside the box (literally) to overcome such obstacles, the architects designed a house that moved to accommodate its natural surroundings. Speaking of which, with Mt. Gwanggyo rising in the distance and the trees hills surrounding the house, views like these are certainly something to be admired.

The aptly named Curving House combines a fluid shape and materials that together remind us of a fish tail, triumphantly thrashing up from the water’s surface.
According to the architects, “The ash-colored bricks embrace the concrete surface as fish scale while slightly altering the angles. The bricks with two different surfaces were piled to form a certain pattern from angles 1° through 25°. In other words, the variation of angle is another way how the outer skin in the shape of a concave lens facing south defines the building’s existence.”
Unusual aesthetics aside, the house also demanded some practical elements – parking, and a garden. The architects killed two birds with one stone – by raising the house two meters off the ground, they were able to build on this uneven landscape and create parking underneath the structure in one fell swoop.
Following the smooth silhouette of the house, a concrete terrace complements the arching shape and highlights it, while providing an outdoor area for some sunshine and fresh air, not to mention the views.
In another unusual twist – just one of many! – this terrace area is finished with mirrored walls and a ceiling that reflects the landscape.
The natural wood floor warms up this cool alfresco area.
Windows serve the dual purpose of adding interest to the exterior of this monolith of a structure, while flooding interiors with natural light and views.
Past the ultra-modern patio and expansive windows, the interiors are clean, cool and contemporary. The home’s minimal palette of white walls and ceilings is illuminated by sunlight and modern lighting integrated into the architecture. The extra-tall ceiling enhances the home’s sense of space. A striking modern fireplace feature stretches from floor to ceiling – one of the only adornments.
In true Korean fashion, the open living room, bedroom, and kitchen on the second floor can be divided, or the spaces combined, through the use of sliding doors.
Massive picture windows give these unfussy interiors a strong, ever-changing focal point. Unlike art or photos hanging on the walls, this is something you’ll never get tired of admiring.
Like the rest of the house, the minimalist kitchen keeps things cool, calm and collected – a nice characteristic in this typically hectic area of the home. White walls and blond floors are a sharp contrast to the black cabinetry and island base. Just pull up a stool and take in the view.
Overhead, an illuminated pentagon makes an interesting feature while adding light and staying within the minimalist style of the house.
A slim set of simple wood stairs takes you away from the public main level, leading to an escape.
A prevailing sense of peace takes over this upper level, with warm grey walls and a large wall-to-wall window framing the mountain views.
Here are some floor plans:
JOHO Architecture
via Freshome


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