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Modular Drum Shaped Home Adapts to Any Location

KWK Promes Konieczny Architects received a brief to create a singular residential design that would be used in two completely different locations. The first near in the outskirts of Berlin, and the second in an undetermined location with unknown weather considerations. Creating two houses in two different climates from one design meant the residence needed to be able to conform easily, without any serious modifications. The architects settled on a round shape, allowing it to first conform to any site shape and second adapt to any roof type. It also – through modular design – adapt to the needs of most families. With the basis of a house formulated, the architects also chose to take sustainability into the equation by choosing natural building materials and renewable energy sources. Prefab wooden construction creates less waste then on site building, and the circular shape of the dwelling was ideal for good thermal insulation. With the concept of design and building in place, the name Standard hOuse fell into place to define the project.

The natural wood vertical siding used in Standard hOuse blends with rural and urban settings. Here, next to country dwellings well patina’d with age, Standard hOuse, by repeating the roof slope and colour is right at home.
The drum shape of the residence wraps around a concrete core that continues up and through the roofline.
With windows on all four sides, the residence can easily be place to make best use of the sun’s location and with entry / exits also on all sides, the same can apply for the outdoor living locations.
The curvature of the building offers a slight overhang and sill to all the doors and windows.
While the outside of the home is completely curved, the interior features flat walls, making furniture placement easy.
Although there are walls within the interior volume, the focus is to create an open floorplan that flows smoothly between zones. There is even an exposed section of beams between the first and second volumes for connectivity.
The interior walls can be formulated within the modular plan to create as many or as few rooms required by each family.
The drum shape of Standard hOuse can easily adapt to a variety of rooflines.
The drum shape of the home can also adapt to any site shape or size and placement of the residence within each site is completely flexible
Robert Konieczny KWK Promes
Photography by Mariusz Czechowicz Murator


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