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Portable Solar Lighting Kit for Garden or Shed – Solar Mate

Solar Mate is a great portable, cordless lighting solution for a garden or shed. It can be placed wherever you want and will provide light for up to seven hours per 24 hour period. It’s got an energy-saving 12-volt bulb, which will illuminate an area of 16 sq. meters. No special tools are needed to assemble the lighting kit, all you need to buy (or find) is any standard car or caravan battery, new or old. The kit includes mountings for a roof or wall, 5 meters of cabling and connectors, 1 bulb holder and one wall switch. Solar Mate comes with a 10-year warranty. Next time you’re digging around the shed looking for a tool, or looking for a pool noodle in the dark pool house, think about Solar Mate, and how simple it could be to get ‘shed some light’ in an eco-friendly sort of way. Available at Ecotopia for £79.99 (US $148).



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