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Jar Solar Powered Lamp

If you’ve ever wanted a piece of the moon, the Moon Jar, a solar powered lamp, is the closest thing you can find without traveling into outer space. Tobias Wong created this elegant and brilliant design – a mason jar with a solar panel inside. When placed on a windowsill, it soaks up the rays from the sun, and will provide a calming blue-toned light for the evening. It’s an interesting piece of decor for your patio – it’s eco-smart and is cordless – ideal for large and small spaces, lining up a garden or path, or simply as a centerpiece on an outdoor table. Because the jar is frosted, it disguises the three LED lights that are inside, thus making the jar during the day, just as nice of a decor piece and not an eyesore. Available at PerpetualKid and Target for $39.99
via Inhabitots



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