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10 Outdoor Lighting Ideas You Must See

Outdoor lighting is a prominent aspect in any outdoor landscape décor it creates ambiance as well as practical function. It can even be taken a step further by incorporating various different lighting fixtures. In order to create the perfect lighting ambiance for you and your current décor.

We have put together our take on the best outdoor lighting in hopes of giving you some lighting ideas that will inspire you to take your backyard to an entire new level.

Multidimensional Lighting

Colorful lighting fixtures give your outdoor space character as well as personality

When deciding on which lighting would work best in your outdoor space, consider multi-dimensional lighting. Multidimensional lighting is the process of using different light fixtures in one space to create texture and dimension.

Incorporating light fixture such as outdoor wall sconces, pathway fixtures, dangling lights and accent lights can provide any space a whimsical yet creative feel. While offering the lighting that is needed in your outdoor landscape space.

Less Is More

Small light fixtures maybe all you need to create a pathway lighting

Pathway lights are usually one of those least well-done landscape lighting fixtures. The reason being, most homeowners believe they should line their entire pathway with lights. But, when it comes to path lighting less is more. You want to add lighting to your pathway that will help you navigate our way around.

With pathway lighting, you can also get creative and add color or even texture if you place them near interesting plants that give off bright colors.

Create Moonlight

Moonlighting can be placed higher or lower to achieve different shades of lighting 

Not all areas of your landscape will naturally attract moonlighting. However, you can create moonlighting on our very own by placing outdoor lighting high in your trees. Approximately, 30-40 feet high is the height you want the lighting fixtures to be. The higher the better as it looks natural and intriguing.

Fireplace Lighting

Fireplace lighting offers a subtle warm way to brighten up your outdoor space

Having a fireplace in your backyard has become a common trend in the recent years and for very good reason as they offer great quality atmosphere while also offering an excellent cozy lighting. You can choose to have a real fireplace or an electrical fireplace.

In the case of having an electrical fireplace, you can choose to change its colors which is another great way to integrate colored lights into your décor.

LED Lighting

LED lighting does not need to be loud and extravagant they can be soft and subtle as well

These outdoor LED lights come in multiple different brightness levels as well as various different colors. They can be used alone or behind your outdoor furniture to create shadow and subtle lighting where it is most needed.

Water Lighting

Light fixtures in water create dimension and a sense of peace

Water lighting is the idea of having water features around your backyard landscape such as having multiple waterfall and integrating light fixtures inside of them. Light fixtures can be integrated into almost any body of water, which is great as they give off a gleam of light which is quite charming when paired with the soothing sounds of water.

Light the Areas You Love

You can also add lighting to plants to enhance their beauty all around

Your entire backyard space does not need to be full of lighting. However, placing lights on your favorite areas of your backyard landscape can create the backyard momentum you seek. One way to do this is to add lighting to objects such as statues, trees, and/or both.

The rule to remember when doing so is yellow/orange lighting should only be used on objects and furniture. Meanwhile, white/blue lights should only be used on plants. Remembering this rule will ensure your backyard space looks the best that it can.

Add Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas offer beauty as well as a bed for better lighting options

Hydrangeas are an excellent option when it comes to adding light to your backyard space. They are not only beautiful to look at but they create shadows when there is lighting around them or directly on them. Which works well for all seasons as even during the cold winter months they offer lighting opportunity.

Lighting The Door

Door lighting gives the appearance of a larger entryway

Create drama as well as elegance by having light fixtures that light up your doorway. It creates depth regardless of how big or small the door may be. This is an excellent way of enhancing and enlarging your door way space.

Simple Lighting

Get creative with the simple lighting in your backyard space

Although, your outdoor space can call for larger lighting fixtures. Consider decorating your outdoor furniture with simple lighting that will bring the entire space all together. If you have larger lighting fixtures this is an excellent way to tie your décor with the lighting that you enjoy. Warmer lights work best for this décor option as they create a good atmosphere without being overpowering.


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