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Outdoor Moonlight Globe Light

The outdoor Moonlight Globe Light adds a dazzle to outdoor space or landscape it’s placed in. The globes can be used as pieces of contemporary decor around the patio, in the garden, or as a functioning light, even as an evening pool accessory. The globes can be customized for shape; size; color; whether it’s cordless, has a long cord with a plug, or hard wired; models; as well, there are endless accessories for the globe lights. They are truly one of the most versatile lighting systems. The globe shells are made from a sturdy, shatterproof polyethylene and are engineered to be waterproof and durable in extreme cold and heat – perfect for all year round ornaments in the outdoors. Moonlight Globe Lights are priced at $300 and the popular models are available online at Home Infatuation, and custom orders can be placed at Moonlight Inc.. The lights come in four sizes: 10-, 14-, 22- and 30-in. in diameter, and are shaped in half and full globes.



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