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Best Ways to Light the Outside of Your Home During Winter

Winter: the time of year when all the holidays arrive, but the sun goes down extremely early. To many of us, we know that once the sun goes down the outdoor lights need to come on. However, when it comes to decorating the exterior of our homes we may become more complacent and less creative especially during the winter colder months. Furthermore, you may only have a few simple light fixtures.  Here are the best ways to light the outside of your home, even in the winter.

Lit Trees

Although these may not bring much lighting to your outdoor space. When paired with other lighting fixtures such as other lit trees of different sizes or you can even incorporate light fixtures on a tree that is already outdoors. Simply add small white lights for a magical appearance. 

Although these can be considered festive and holiday décor they look beautiful laid outside of your home. Have a few of them be part of your outdoor space in multiple different sizes for a simple yet unique twist on your lighting fixtures. These can work great together or with other light fixtures to bring even more lighting to your outdoor space.

Prelit Garland

Prelit garland makes it easy for you to get creative and festive. You can wrap these garland strands anywhere that you would like and bring light directly to the space all at the same time. Not only will you be adding a bold green hue but you will be brightening your outdoor space all at once.

If you want a simple way of adding lights outside of your home Prelit garland is the way to go. Forget wrapping lights around your current garland. Instead, consider purchasing Prelit garland and wrapping it all around the structure of your home. Doing so will add light while still being beautiful to look at.

Lighting Wreaths

Do not be afraid to get creative with your outdoor lighting. Add different size light wreaths around your door, stairway, and even your gate. Mix and match them with other festive lighting decor options. This will bright light to your home in a creative way that is oh so charming. 

Wreaths are quintessential for the holiday and winter months. In fact, many will argue that wreaths are a staple when it comes to the colder months. Keeping that in mind, add lighting wreaths to your doors and even to your gate. The brighter the lights the more-light your wreaths will give off. If you want to make this décor more festive exchange your lights for green or red ones.


Lanterns are one of the most versatile lighting fixtures you can use on the inside and outside of your home. They come in numerous different sizes, shapes, and even. Use larger lanterns to light your stairway or you can even hang them from your gate for a unique twist on outdoor lighting.

We love the idea of using lanterns throughout the entire year. However, they take a magical form when they are used in winter. This is especially true since lanterns offer bold lighting, which is perfect for creating a pathway that is well lit and beautiful.

Bright Porch

A bright porch not only screams winter decor and holiday cheer. But it also allows you to add bold light fixtures in multiple different ways. Mix and match your favorite outdoor lights and place them on your porch paired with a bench for a cozy feel. Adding in a cozy twist will make you want to spend more time enjoying your outdoor scenery. 

If you really want to add bold lighting to your home cogitate adding lights to your entire porch area. Dangle lights from your ceiling, wrap them around your porch structure or stick them around your front door for a well-lit porch that becomes your very own winter wonderland.

Colorful Bushes

Winter calls for more bright lights not just because it gets darker soon but because it’s also the most magical time of year. From the holidays to the snow days. Therefore, taking a little bit f extra time and adding bright light to your bushes. Will enhance your lighting for the outside of your home while providing a little more holiday cheer as well.

Winter calls for you to become a little more creative and a bit more festive. Therefore, if you have always wanted to have a beautifully lit bush or tree this is the time to do so. In fact, we love the idea of taking multiple different colors lights such as blue, red, green, or white and getting creative with any bush you may have outside. Using bold colors will help separate your light fixtures from your landscape all while creating a beautiful walkway.

Simple Can Be Best

Simple light fixtures such as stinging some white lights around your garden and/or trees can make a huge difference not only in the amount of lighting that your home gives off but it can make a difference in the appearance of your home. Doing so, allows you to have a simple yet festive twist without much hassle.

Add a few simple outdoor light fixtures to the front of your home for a simple look that works all year round not just in the winter time. Simple light fixtures can be exactly what your home needs for an elegant outdoor appeal. However, do not forget your backyard as that space needs lighting too.

Holiday Fun

It is the holiday season after all so why not go all out and make your home a statement piece in your neighborhood. Fill the outside of your residence with as many holiday lighting fixtures as possible for a bold and cheerful decor option. The more lights you use the better as your residence is sure to become a showstopper. 

The winter time is the perfect time to use holiday décor on the outskirts of your home. Use bold lights that add a classic holiday feel for a well-lit space that screams holiday cheer. You can get as creative as you please with these lights as they allow you to match your indoor festive décor with the outside of your home.

Mix and Match

If you cant decide which light fixtures to incorporate on the outside of your home consider mixing and matching your favorite lights. Doing so will give you a well rounded balance between holiday decor and outdoor lighting. When you mix and match the two you will have a beautiful display of lights. 

Mix and matching different light fixtures together to create the perfect custom lighting is a great idea when you want to have different light fixtures throughout the front of your home. You can use tall light structures, holiday lighting, and/or small light bulbs for a look that lights the outside of your home in a unique way.

White Lights

White lights are beautiful. They work well with every and any color you may pair them with. Plus lets not forget that they are a classic hue which means you can use them during the winter months and all throughout the entire year. This allows you to not have to change much of your outdoor decor throughout the decor

White lights are the perfect outdoor décor lighting fixture. You can use them all around the outdoors of your home. From wrapping your staircase to having them become part of your pathway. Your options are endless when it comes to using white lights. You can even use them in your backyard for a charming touch.

Which of these will you be using on the outside of your home for a grander touch of lighting? Please let us know in the comments below.


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