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Outdoor Floor Lighting from Carpyen – Lite Cube and Lite Box lights are also seats

The outdoor floor lighting from Carpyen, the Lite Cube and Lite Box are not only lights, but also function as outdoor or indoor furniture. Designer Jonathan Daifuku created a piece that is fashionable and functionable, out of polyethylene. The white shell allows colored bulbs, like red, green, yellow and blue to shine through for a warm colored glow to add color and ambience to a landscape. The floor lighting can be placed on their own or with a number of cubes and boxes as a set creating different arrangements and looks. They can be placed in a garden setting out a path, or as a border of a landscaping for strictly decor purposes. The Lite Box can be used as an outdoor table and the Lite Cubes can be used as seating. There are many possibilities for the outdoor lighting from Carpyen.



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