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10 Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Those Endless Summer Nights

Summer is here, can we get a “finally?!” The season most of us wait for all-year-round. It’s that time of year where we can’t wait to get together and embrace the water, sand, and the beauty of the sea. Though things have changed, we can still enjoy time outdoors in our own time and space. Reason why outdoor lighting has become quite important. It’s not about what you use, but how you decide to display them! Here are inspiring ideas that are sure to make you want to rush to Hobby Lobby and redecorate your outdoor atmosphere.

String Lights

Whether you have an extravagant outdoor space or you simply have a table and a chair, adding string lights will instantly make the room feel more romantic and open.

Is there anything more romantic than string lights? Probably! But can anything make a bold statement while still being whimsical and enchanting? String lights are notorious for being the perfect additional item that makes any room come to life. It’s about adding a romantic aesthetic right when and where you need it most. Bring in string lights in multiple different sizes for a contrasting contemporary look.

Bring it on to the Dining

Pair your chandelier with a table lantern to complete the whimsical approach you’re trying to achieve.

Outdoor dining is one of the best things you can do during the summer. Not only do you get to enjoy the view of the great outdoors, but you also get to sit back and relax with family and friends. One of the issues many of us encounter when eating outside is not having enough lighting outside when the sun goes down. Therefore, bring out a chandelier and pair it with LED candles for a bold appeal that enhances your outdoor space.


The simple act of adding additional lighting to your firepit will elevate your fireplace without taking away from it. It’s all about creating that abundant space that’s chic and modern.

There’s something oh so relaxing about sitting around a firepit and embracing every second of its warmth. Take your outdoor space to the next level by bringing in a firepit planting in the ground and adding seats around it. The simple act of bringing in additional seating will instantly make the space have a vacation-like vibe. It’s the perfect excuse to embrace the space you already have.

Illuminating Jars

The key is working with different size jars to create that vintage feel that’s oh so charming and engaging.

Think of it as an easy DIY that can double up as an indoor decorative item. The key is working with jars in a multitude of shapes and even sizes to further showcase what the room has to offer. Furthermore, add different colored string lights inside and watch your space take new life instantly. It’s all about taking your décor to the next level with a cost-effective touch.

Add it to Your Trees

If you don’t want to completely add it to your trees, hanging from tree to tree for that whimsical appeal that further showcases both trees coming together.

If your backyard is filled with large trees, it’s time to embrace every inch of it and allow that specific space to become the main focus. The key is adding multiple different lights to the tree and having it become the main focus. Consider it one of the easiest ways of having your trees as the main staples while still being easy on the eye. The key is using LED lights that do not heat up! Due to fires being caused by friction you want lights that will not cause a fire when they are hung.

Above a Porch

The porch will instantly come to life when you add lighting as part of the ceiling, its as if the entire space is always illuminated even during the darkest days.

For those that have the luxury to have a large porch, take full advantage of it and allow it to be the main focus of your home. Take it to the next level by adding lighting above your porch. Typically speaking porches tend to not have light fixtures which is fine for those that want to be on their porch only during the daytime. But for those that want to create a vacation oasis throughout the entire day, adding lighting at the ceiling of your porch. Doing so will create that soft, sensitive appeal that creates a welcoming charm.

Large & Incharge

Having multiple different lights can be applied to the front of your home but also to your backyard as well.
The more lights you use the bold the room will appear! It’s about the contrast you will create that will further showcase what the room has to offer.

Sometimes you don’t want to go the simple route, sometimes you want something larger and more engaging. When that is the case, take it overboard by blending an array of different light fixtures and allowing them to be the focus. You want to bring a large appearance to that specific area by creating a beaming light that engages the room overall.

Add Color

The bolder your lights are, the more contemporary the space will appear. It’s all about creating that space that’s visual yet easy to fall in love with every time.

Though most of the time, light fixtures come in one or two hues- white or clear. Consider bringing in a colorful twist with iridescent lights. Not only are they charming and chic but they add a little something extra. Furthermore, if you truly want to take it to the next level bring in colorful ones. The contrast of having colorful lights will immediately brighten the room while adding a modern twist. You might even consider layering it up for the ultimate approach.

Light up Your Fence

Get creative with your fencing, lighting by creating a new vibe by using colorful lights and having them become the main focus.

Your fence needs as much lighting as the rest of your home. Though many people tend to forget or displace this area of their home it can add a whole different layer of dimension right where you need it most. Add multiple layers of lights and have them become the ultimate touch. Furthermore, consider vintage bulbs for a larger more contemporary appeal.

Soft Glow

The softer your light fixtures the more aesthetically pleasing your walkway will appear.

When in doubt, bringing soft light and add it along your walkway. The simple act of lighting up your walkway instantly makes any space feel new and expansive. You could even say it creates a magical, almost floating approach to your home. Take it to the next level by making your walkway light sensor activated. Meaning they only turn on when someone is walking or at a certain time of the day.

Keep your outdoor space, modern with one of these ideas. Share with us how you would add lighting to your décor below.



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