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Invisible Street Light – subtle and beautiful urban design

Now you can light up trees with the subtle and beautiful Invisible Street Light, without the hassle of decorative Christmas lights. The modern and chic design of the light blends into the tree creating an “invisible” element. The light conserves energy from the sunlight during the day to produce light in the evening. Since the Invisible Streetlight does not need support, it is wrapper around tree branches adding to the “invisible” factor. Streets can be lined with these lights adding a romantic lighting to the surroundings. Whether you’re looking for lighting for residential (light up the path on your secluded driveway), commercial or industrial (add some lighting around the entranceway to your business) – the lights are non-obtrusive and will create an added touch of panache to the outdoors. Learn more about the Invisible Streetlight at Coroflot.



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