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Invisible Garden Green House North of Copenhagen

The Invisible Garden House is an original structure that ambitions to extend the summer in the northern temperate zone. Using sun as the only source of energy, this environmentally friendly concept is meant to be used for recreation or plant growing. The Invisible garden gives you the opportunity of being in your own bubble! Made of three bubble-like transparent polycarbonate domes, the pilot project was built in a private garden north of Copenhagen. The residents of the house get to spend more time in their garden and enjoy gardening and growing vegetables all year round. The three domes are interconnected and accessible from the middle one, which is also the largest. Set on a polygon shaped wooden deck with a diameter of 3, 3 m, the central dome measures 3,2 m in height and serves as a garden house which can be used from early spring until late fall. The smaller two other domes serve as greenhouses for gardening and growing fruit and vegetable, so the owners can enjoy their own fresh produce almost all year long. The domes are heated exclusively by the sun and the inside temperature is adjustable through a natural ventilation system.

The manufacturing of the domes is both highly technological and artisanal at the same time. The parts of the bubble are drawn on a computer and then milled on a CNC router. Recalling the work of a tailor, they are assembled with a stitch-looking like metal bolt structure. Both the durable, high -impact polycarbonate and the metal parts are UV protected. The Invisible Garden House is a modular structure that can be made of more or less domes of different dimension, depending if used in a private or public environment. Besides the private garden use, this project can very well be adapted as public urban architecture or as an urban rooftop garden.
Both the top and the bottom ventilation can be adjusted. The bottom one is regulated by rotation a piece of polycarbonate places in a “pocket”, and the top one by simply opening or closing the windows!
A structure of eye-bolts allows to attach curtains and create shadings or to support the plants that need to grow vertically.


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