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Zero Carbon House with Sliding Reflective Exterior Panels

The UK’s Paul Archer Design is the firm behind Green Orchard – a sleek, eco sustainable home that takes “green” to a whole new level, starting with the views. This 2,150-sq.-ft. house sits amidst over 28,000 sq. ft. of landscaped gardens in the green belt of South Gloucestershire overlooking the Severn Estuary. But the green factor goes far beyond what you can see – this zero carbon house features passive systems that let it operate efficiently and eco-consciously. It’s all wrapped in mirrored panels that reflect the surroundings and render it virtually invisible. Minimalist interiors reflect the home’s eco agenda and “less is more” attitude. Check out this sustainable architectural project, and as you explore its cool, clean style and livable interiors, try to remember that there are brains behind this beauty!

Apart from looking lush and lovely, the mature landscaping serves to shield the house from its neighbors and the street. Living areas are organized over two floors, and the house sunken into the earth to diminish its visual scale without reducing its actual size.
The home is clad in aluminum panels that mirror its surroundings and disappear into the landscape. The reflective panels slide aside to open interiors to nature, strengthening the home’s connection to the outdoors and promoting passive ventilation and cooling.
From the architect, “These panels are super insulated and allow the occupant to vary the thermal performance of the structure throughout the days and seasons. The glazing is screened by full height mesh panels, which can be adjusted to provide sun shading, privacy and security.” Open sesame…
The contemporary facade and innovative features on the outside make way for a modern interiors.
The entry area is nothing fancy, but it does the job!
Deeper into the home you’ll discover a decidedly more refined aesthetic. A cool white palette, contemporary white furnishings and fixtures are punctuated by pops of color in the art and upholstery – a great, non-committal accessory that’s easy to change as your tastes do.
The open interiors focus the home’s social spaces – kitchen, living room and eating space – around a dramatic fireplace feature that serves to warm up the home in look and temperature alike. The wood-burning stove heats the entire home, thermal solar panels heat 80 per cent of the home’s water, while rooftop photovoltaic panels provide year-round energy.
The kitchen is deliciously simple and sweet. By winter, the wood-burning stove is used for cooking, heating and feeding a set of small radiators. By summer, the stove’s electric component kicks in, using solar power to do the job.
The living room is cozy and comfortable in style, thanks to the lush L-shaped leather sofa tucked into the far corner.
The massive picture windows flood the dining area with green scenes and plenty of natural light.
The main floor houses social spaces and the master bedroom.
The stairs from the main floor lead down to the partially buried lower level, providing privacy to additional sleeping areas below.
By night, the home virtually disappears against the dark blue backdrop, but for its brightly glowing windows.
Ground floor:
Basement level:
Paul Archer Design


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