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Wooden Sphere Furniture Series by Lee JaeHyo

My favorite type of furniture designs are the ones that embrace an artistic approach and this stunning Wooden Sphere series is definitely as much art as it is functional objects. The fact that Lee Jae-Hyo was able to create such sculptural designs is no accident. A world-renowned sculptor, he is well versed in looking at all of his creations with his “artists” eyes and working with his “artists” hands and heart – even when it comes to furniture designs.

1 wooden sphere collection lee jaehyo thumb 630xauto 58948 Wooden Sphere Furniture Series by Lee JaeHyo

The Wooden Sphere series is created by forming a solid composition of found wood into spherical shapes.

2 wooden sphere collection lee jaehyo%20 thumb 630xauto 58920 Wooden Sphere Furniture Series by Lee JaeHyo

Once the composition is complete Lee burns the mass of wood until it is completely blackened and charred.

3-wooden-sphere-collection-lee-jaehyo .jpg

The third step is to polish the outside edges to reveal the pale, natural wood within while leaving the areas around each polished section black with char.

4-wooden-sphere-collection-lee-jaehyo .jpg

To create his coffee tables, Lee cuts his spherical compositions in half.

5-wooden-sphere-collection-lee-jaehyo .jpg

The Wooden Spheres are extremely tactile. Don’t you just want to reach into the photos and touch them?

6-wooden-sphere-collection-lee-jaehyo .jpg

No two pieces are alike as each piece of found wood has its own distinctive graining and shape, meaning the blackened voids are always unique as is the story within the exposed natural wood grains.

7-wooden-sphere-collection-lee-jaehyo .jpg

The Wooden Sphere Collection also includes pieces that are purely decorative.

8-wooden-sphere-collection-lee-jaehyo .jpg

Each piece is a fluid organic form that still boasts geometry within its repeating elements.

9-wooden-sphere-collection-lee-jaehyo .jpg

Oh the stories that piece of wood could tell.

10-wooden-sphere-collection-lee-jaehyo .jpg

The polished and charred sections create a positive / negative aesthetic.

11-wooden-sphere-collection-lee-jaehyo .jpg


12-wooden-sphere-collection-lee-jaehyo .jpg

While most of the collection showcases end cuts, this lounger displays slices of branches for a more linear look.

13-wooden-sphere-collection-lee-jaehyo .jpg

A whole family could snuggle together on this lounger.

14-wooden-sphere-collection-lee-jaehyo .jpg

Awesome coffee table – its like a set of drums.

15-wooden-sphere-collection-lee-jaehyo .jpg

Lee Jae-Hyo


Lee Jae-Hyo


Lee Jae-Hyo
Michael Dawkins also creates furniture out of found wood compositions. His designs are made with driftwood branches encased in acrylic.



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