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Urban beach house with ultra modern street presence

Hewlett House is somewhat of an oddity floating in a sea of sameness. Located in a residential area of Sydney, Australia, this ultra-modern home by MPR Design Group stands out for its crisp white facade and abstract geometric shape – not your typical single-family residence. Within the white enclosure, a floor-to-ceiling glass wall offers unobstructed views out, and in! Just try and walk by without glancing in! Interiors are futuristic and minimalist in their decor, letting the architecture take the spotlight. Here’s a virtual tour of this must-see beach house.

Stacked but slightly off center, two white rectangular frames with rounded edges enclose glass facades that offer a glimpse at what’s behind these closed doors. To live in a house like this, you have to be okay with transparency, so to speak.
The upper volume is like art, featuring dramatic white strokes dashing across its face, and openings cut into its ceiling, all creating a standout street-side display. But beyond the sidewalk, you’ll find yourself lost in the views of Bronte Beach from the upper-level deck.
As you pass by, you can’t help but sneak a peek at this interesting home’s equally appealing interiors. Visible from the outside, the irregularly shaped windows and skylights are the bright spots, at least from this vantage point. But there’s much more to see beyond this extraordinary exterior.
Inside, a circular skylight offers a view of the blue sky overhead, while below, an amazing spiral staircase winds its way down in a most sculptural way.
Though the staircase is contemporary and smooth in its style, there’s an unmistakably organic inspiration behind it – fitting for this luxurious beach house! The shell-shaped curl is both a grounding element and an artistic aspect of this modern house design.
Once down the stairs, you have to look up or you’ll miss this amazing underside, an interplay of shadow and light and shape, which is every bit as worthy of admiration as the top side.
The lower level of the home has the distinctive feel of “the depths” without being too dark or closed off. The stone walls and wood floors are warm, and always leading your eye back to the spiraling tunnel light.
Living areas are housed on the upper level, allowing for the best use (and maximum enjoyment!) of these spectacular waterfront views. This open concept area includes the kitchen features a carved cantilevered island and is finished in a minimalist style that instantly inflicts calm this traditionally hectic hub.
In fact, the whole house was designed as a retreat, balancing open airy spaces behind glass facades, and comfortably concealed retreats where the homeowners can rest and relax in privacy – the best of both worlds!
The bedrooms are located on the middle level of the house, and carry the same ultra-contemporary aesthetic and ambiance. Imagine growing up with this modern, sleek space as your crash pad?! We’re inspired by the glossy curving wall feature with the integrated seat.
More of a sophisticated adult retreat, this bedroom boasts the same glossy white wall treatment.
The bathroom is quite possibly the sweetest retreat of them all, featuring a stunning marble floor that rises up into a marble vanity and a marble bath, enclosed in glass to maintain its open, spacious feel. The simple, cool palette reflects nature, but in a refined way.
Here are the floor plans for three levels of living space:
This profile view illustrates how the house measures up to the sloping site – the stepping levels form long, wide platforms with a break half-way through, separating sunken and raised spaces on each floor.
MPR Design Group
via Contemporist


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