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Rectangular Beach House with Floating Glazed Upper Floor

This geometric beach home design with floating glazed upper floor designed by Peru architect Luis Longhi of Longhi Architects is a lesson in art and architecture. This ultra modern oceanfront home sits between rolling sand dunes to the east, and rocky cliffs overlooking the Pacific to the west – a stunning natural landscape to embrace this contemporary style home. Interestingly, this floating house seems suspended in mid air, taking shape as a volume perched on pillars to create a floating effect with a solid upper level and an open, alfresco base. Glass walls are a barely there boundary between inside and out, opening onto outdoor entertaining areas at ground level and terraces overhead. This slope house plan cascades down, with an artfully illuminated pool connecting architecture and coast line.
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-1.jpg

geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-2.jpg
A set of heavy concrete stairs works its way down the hillside, adding a strong, sculptural element to anchor the modern house to the sandy ground.
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-3.jpg
The steps leads past the pool and to the large living and lounging deck, overlooking the seemingly endless shoreline.
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-4.jpg
Wood and concrete combine – an earthy palette of materials to complement this lovely natural setting.
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-5.jpg
And with this breathtaking beach always within easy reach, the toughest decision you’ll have to make here is whether to swim in the pool or in the ocean!
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-6.jpg
The main entrance is a contemporary volume, which sets the tone for the home’s ultra modern interiors.
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-7.jpg
Echoing the exterior stairs, a set of steps leads into the living area with kitchen and dining room. We love this amazing built-in kitchen countertop / bar / table which extends up the wall to become into a wine rack – as much a sculptural element as it is a functional one. What would you use this for?
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-8.jpg
Continue down that stairs to the sunken living area, where vibrant red upholstery makes this cool grey and white interior pop. This double height space is overlooked by a second floor loft, and illuminated with natural light spilling in through massive windows.
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-9.jpg
The raised eating area puts diners at the perfect vantage point to take in views of interiors and the outdoors. A contemporary dining table is surrounded by sculptural, modern Panton chairs in white.
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-10.jpg
A glass hallway overhead leaves the space below visually open.
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-11.jpg
Enclosed in frameless glass panels which slide open to the deck, this living area has an alfresco feel with unobstructed beach views.
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-12.jpg
It’s a fine line indeed between indoors and out.
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-13.jpg
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-14.jpg
As you move from the entrance, to the kitchen, to the living room, to the deck, you drop in levels. This vertical organization differentiates the otherwise open and connected interior.
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-15.jpg
The bathroom, like the rest of the house, boasts a quiet sophisticated style.
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-16.jpg
Modern yet natural, open yet private, this beautiful beach house has it all!
Floor plans:
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-17.jpg
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-18.jpg
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-19.jpg
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-20.jpg
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-21.jpg
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-22.jpg
geometric-beach-house-with -floating-glazed-upper-floor-23.jpg
Longhi Architects
via Architizer


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