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Luxury Beach House with Cantilevered Pool

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Designed by Steeg Banham Architects and built by Cambuild in City Beach (a beachside suburb of Perth, Western Australia), this luxury beach house is a treasure trove of custom details, stunning coastal vistas and luxury living all within a home that offers a resort style aesthetic meant to soothe the mind and the body.

Even the landscaping that surrounds the home has a calming quality created by using repetitive flora and tree elements emphasized by strategically placed up lighting.
The repetition of the greenery is repeated within the walkway pavers that connect the lower level garage with the front entry.
The garage door is semi translucent allowing light both in and out.
The main entry is a stunning composition that includes a sparkling pool and a glass waterfall statement.
Just inside the entry, the foyer continues the artistic statements with a large canvas of original art flanked on one side by a pair of artisan pottery vessels.
At the far end of the foyer a stairwell leads down to the garage or up to the social zone.
A cluster of light pendants above the stairwell repeats the pattern created by the balustrade.
The stairs open up to the social zone and the light pendants above them are repeated in a row over the dining table.
The first thing you see when you arrive on this level is a pretty amazing fireplace cantilevered off of the glazings – WOW.
The fireplace creates a show stopping division between the living room and the dining room as well as from the outdoor lounge area on the other side of the glazings.
As commanding as the fireplace is, the panoramic vistas created by the wrap around glazings really are the star of the show – especially at night.
The only wall in the living area that does not feature glass is the media wall.
The dining room, next to the living room is just around the corner of the L shaped social zone. Did you notice the elevator beside the stairs for those who prefer not to use the stairs?
Just off of the indoor dining room is the al fresco area and next to both is the kitchen area.
The al fresco area comes complete with a modern outdoor kitchen facing out to the views while at the same time being sheltered from the corresponding winds by its own glass panels.
Just past the al fresco area is an outdoor lounge area that backs up to the media wall on the inside.
All the outdoor areas are sheltered by the overhang of the roof above and by strategically placed glass panels on the balcony rail.
The balcony floor and ceiling is designed to be a continuation of the interior ceiling and floor for a seamless indoor/outdoor transition when the glazings are opened and stacked out of the way..
Keeping the focus on the views and outdoor lifestyle, the kitchen has been designed with glossy white cabinetry, allowing the brilliant hues of the vista beyond to take center stage.
This is no more apparent then when the northern lights emblazon the sky – how beautiful.
As with the kitchen, the various bathrooms keep the color scheme to pale neutrals, featuring large expanses of white and glass in the form of mirrors.
Without the wall to wall views, the master ensuite incorporates drama within the large slabs of dark marble that surround the tub and shower areas, replicating the look of landscape at night.
A second bathroom keeps the drama at bay in favor of a more calm and cool Zen atmosphere.
Even with soft colors, the bathroom is kept full of interesting features by the choice of finishes, furnishings and accessories.
The master bedroom continues the black drama within its bedding, carpeting and accessories and it is here that the connection to the night vista with its black-silhouetted landscape becomes clear – and look how the sunset pops against the black – yowzer!
Two additional bedrooms – facing away from the view – are individualized by the choice of color accents. This one features a contemporary pop of purple against soft greys.
The third bedroom is a classic blue and grey scheme.
Both additional bedrooms have built in desks complete with storage.
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