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15 Suspended Lounging Spaces: Seats, Daybeds, Hammocks, Swings

We admit it – we’ve got some “hang-ups” when it comes to home decor. We’re talking hammocks, suspended beds, swings and unexpected seats of all kinds as a top trend, suspended from ceilings everywhere from the Far East to trendy NYC. Here are 15 hanging, suspended and swing things that we love – and that you’ll wish you had!

In India, a cozy swinging bed suspended from the concrete ceiling provides a place to rest and cool off before heading indoors.
This colorful cottage in Sao Paolo, Brazil is the perfect backdrop for a rustic, suspended rattan cocoon complete with cozy cushions and blankets.
While a trapeze swing in this New York City apartment may not be the coziest spot to kick your feet up, it’s definitely fun – both in terms of function, and fashion.
Beanock is an oversized beanbag hammock with jumbo-sized style! Hanging in your bedroom or den, it’s a sure-fire fave.
This Lithuanian flat literally makes an integrated hammock its main focal point. Suspended from window to loft and spanning the entire living room, this swinging bed highlights the casual character of this sweet space!
We love this modern hanging chair fashioned from a woven material and executed in a true blue hue, to match the home’s overall decor scheme inspired by arctic iceberg.
This beautiful purple hammock is a part of the room decor and is matching the same bold shade of radiant purple that is featured in the kitchen.
Why settle for a hammock, when you can have what is essentially a hanging floor? This cool space replaces a stair landing with a net, ideal for napping, reading and wasting the day away.
A tisket, a tasket, this rustic hanging seat is a basket! We love the simple, unadorned look that lets the artful woven-work really shine.
This bubble seat wraps you in clear acrylic – and an unobstructed view!
This cool, clean white apartment in Stockholm gets some much-needed spice courtesy of bright red pops in the run, furnishings, art and at the heart of it all, a stop-dead-in-your-tracks red hammock. Muy caliente!
Now, this is arguably the best seat in (or in this case, out) the house, overlooking Thailand’s treed horizon.
No terrace is complete without a hanging swing seat – and in the case of this awesome luxury home in Guadalajara, Mexico, two terraces outfitted with two swing seats!
This Victorian home in San Fran gets a trendy touch with a trapeze suspended in the living room – ideal for when you want to make a style statement, of just hang around – literally!
This suspended bed is not just a ceiling art – it’s also a space saving bed! This bed can actually be pulled up and out of the way, freeing up valuable room space during the daytime and reveling the artistic decor on its bottom.


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