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Alfresco Home with Two Decks and Wood Ceiling Interiors

The Brazil architecture firm of Fernanda Marques created this glass house located in Sao Paulo, which transforms traditional indoor living into an alfresco experience. This outdoor living house plan features floor-to-ceiling glass walls that overlook the luxurious patio and pool area. The rich, wood ceiling provides a visual transition from interiors to nature, while the sliding glass wall physically connects indoors and out. Two decks – one at ground level and one upstairs – offer easy access to nature. And regardless of where you are doing your living – indoors or out – the furnishings are equally stylish and comfortable, the perfect complement to this contemporary style home. Check out this award winning home.

Since the outdoors are obviously a focal point of this design, we’ll start here. The wood deck runs up against the stepped pool, finished in green/grey tiles that echo the lush, leafy landscape surrounding it. Artful lighting puts the spotlight on the tall palms and the highlights the house itself, which seems to recede into its surroundings.
The home’s glass wall encloses in an L shape around the patio and pool.
From the opposite end of the garden, you catch a glimpse of a vibrant yellow wall which lures you in. A modern spiral staircase winds its way up toward the upper level, complete with a walkout to a rooftop patio – bringing the outdoors in on every level.
It’s a very fine line between indoors and out!
In spite of the contemporary style and cool glass walls, the house has a warm feel. The lush, leafy trees just on the other side of the glass provide privacy without closing it in.
The white spiral staircase is a modern design, taking shape as a smooth, sculptural fixture that is an instant attention grabber in this natural setting.
The L-shaped layout really integrates the patio as part of the house itself.
Upstairs, a glass wall separates an upper office space, while maintaining the open concept look and feel of the space.
The yellow wall attracts your attention from afar, but the staircase itself lures you in to explore the house further.
The yellow wall extends into this vivid powder room, mellowed out with the warm wood sink and traditional artwork. A pair of modern glass pendant lights hang over the sink, reflected in the mirror to double the light and the details.
This den is a modern yet playful space, featuring a cool wood staircase, a transparent bubble chair and views through the soaring glass walls enclosing the stairwell
Built-in shelving over a desk area is the perfect place to display the homeowners’ art and collections.
Make your way upstairs, and enjoy the scenery!
Upwards and onwards!
A sun-soaked sitting area and office space at the top of the stairs opens to the rooftop patio.
The folding glass wall offers easy access to the outdoors, and great views of the pool, patio and gardens below.
Fernanda Marques
via Contemporist
photo credit: Fernando Guerra


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