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Luminous Family Holiday House in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Located in a green neighborhood of Sao Paolo, this beautiful holiday house was designed by Gebara Conde Sinisgalli Arquitectos for a family with three children who wanted a spot to retreat from the hustle of the city and spend quiet week-ends and holidays. Matching the shapes of the terrain, the house is made of two almost twin sides that are connected between them by a lobby that contains the main entrance and the staircase. In front of the entrance, on the other side of the lobby, there is a big window that allows for beautiful views of the garden and of the pool already when setting foot in the house. The right side of the house, slightly bigger in footprint, is dedicated mainly to the day area. A double height volume contains kitchen, dining room, living room and an additional sitting area. This side connects, via big glass doors and surfaces, to a similar outdoors sitting and eating area. Thanks to the dry and warm climate of the region, the outdoors areas can be used all year long. The left side of the house is dedicated to the night area, with two bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms on each of the two floors. A nice L-shaped pool comes to complete the picture and to offer the owners and their guests a true holiday atmosphere.

The house is accessible via a wooden bridge that, thanks to the horizontal disposition of the planks, continues seamlessly with the main door.
The pool has a practical wooden deck on one side of the L, and an infinity view on the greenery on the other side.
The wooden structure of the house and the wooden floors and stairs give unity and coziness to the whole house. Between the wooden beams and pillars some surfaces are closed with transparent glass and some are left open, especially in the outdoor porch area. Thanks to the open and transparent surfaces, the house is literally flooded by light.
The outdoors dining area is more rustic, with massive wood furniture, while the indoors one is more contemporary and furnished with designer iconic pieces like a round Tulip table and Eames chairs.
The bedrooms are decorated in a more romantic-countryside manner, and the long and thin windows are used also as headboards!
The facades, in white and wood, are harmonious with the inside structure. The various wooden shutters have both a decorative and filtering role.


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