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Dual Direction Concrete Home Surrounds Poolside Courtyard in Brazil

Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the architecture, lighting and Garden design of this modern and geometric lifestyle where conceptualized and created by Flavio Castro of FC Studio for a family of four. The main level and the upper level of the residence sit in opposing directions, with the upper level appearing to “rest” on the structure below. The main level runs perpendicular to the street creating a private back yard oasis complete with pool. The home is comprised of concrete, glass and steel, using the essence of the materials as visual statements that add to the geometry of the space. The neutral shades of these materials serve to hilight the lush greenery of the landscaping and the water splashed mosaic surround of the raised pool. The vertical concrete privacy and support wall continues the geometry with a large rectangular peek a boo cut out.

The size of the rectangular cut out is made possible with the vertical steel “I” beams that run through it. A slab of concrete perches on the cut out as though it is teetering on a central balance point, carefully trying not to tip over. Through the opening one can view the grass surround to the pool,the large expanse of glass that lead to the living spaces of the home and the outdoor bar area off in the distance.
The pool creates a central focal point for the courtyard that is visible from both the upper and lower levels through the large expanses of glass. The outdoor bar area is covered for shade and shelter and the one lone chair by the pool faces towards the home rather then to the pool. On the upper level large, wide vertical shades of wood can be adjusted to keep the sun out while still enjoying the view of the pool below.
The wrapping of the poolside courtyard by the home and concrete barrier wall creates an intimate setting that is both private and spacious. When the wall of glass to the living space is opened up the experience is one of an extended living space. All the rectangular shapes that are created by the two levels of the home and the pool adds a mathematical dimension to the residence that feels more resort like then family home.
From inside the home the view is simply spectacular and can be enjoyed from the 12 person dining table or the large and comfortable lounge area. The lounge area is double height in its centre, allowing both a view of the pool and the night sky.
The double height section of the lounge area opens up to a glass covered mezzanine on the second level. Both the lounge and dining areas are wrapped with a low console for maximum storage and on the dining side this is complimented with a bank of upper cabinets as well. The massive dining table is punctuated with 4 large pendants and the opposite wall is left in its natural concrete state.
The natural concrete interior wall is the extension of the concrete privacy wall that extends out into the pool courtyard area which adds continuum to the indoor outdoor experience when the glass panels are opened up. This lounge area is huge and has seating for 11 in two different groupings with plenty of room for more to be brought in. A tone on tone grey area rug seems to disappear into the concrete floor.
Just beyond the lounge and dining area is the kitchen and just past that is the concrete stairwell that leads to the upper and more private level of the home. The first flight of stairs up to the landing is extra wide, continuing its treads over and under the 2nd flight that continues from the landing to the 2nd level. The design of the stairwell adds to the geometrical feel to the home and creates an interesting dynamic to the space. A simple handrail keeps the focus on the treads and risers. Next to the stairwell is a niche with a large sculpture highlighted by a small spotlight. The sculpture is tonally in tune with the concrete of the stairwell.
Once upstairs, a long hallway runs the length of the building and opens up to a wall of glass overlooking the lounge area below as well as the poolslide courtyard beyond. At the end of the hall is a bedroom with a small office area.
On the other end of the upper level the roof of the bar area below is accessible through a pair of sliding glass doors. Here a series of skylights are highlighted by a series of lights that point down into them to create an interesting effect in the late evenings.
From this side of the building another flight of concrete stairs takes you down to the outdoor bar area. This flight of stairs is cantilevered from the wall for additional geometric drama. The rooftop skylights are visible as round cut-outs in the concrete ceiling.
The dual direction of the two levels of this home not only offers privacy to the poolside courtyard in the back, but also offers a large deck off of the Master Bedroom on the 2nd floor. This large deck does double duty as a cover for the 3 car carport below. If you look closely you can see the sculptural skylights on the roof top just past the two deck chairs.
Exploded view of upper and lower floor plans.
Life couldn’t get much better then this.
Photography by Nelson Kon
Flavio Castro Arquiteto


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