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Oversized Outdoor Hammock – Beanock, a hammock and beanbag combo

Meet the beanock, an oversized hammock. Some of us were used to beanbags being just your average cushion to use as a seat. It’s not the case anymore. This contemporary design makes the beanbag take the form of a hammock. No worries, it is large enough to fit one or two persons and a couple of fluffy pillows alongside. It only depends on the size you choose to have it in. Extreme comfort and ease of use make it the perfect accessory to keep indoor or outdoor lounging at the highest level possible. It will conveniently modify itself by following the shape of your body. Also, this beanock is designed to be suspended from all four edges using high quality metal rings. So the oversized hammock, le beanock, provides maximum safety when swinging in it as long as your heart desires.



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