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Space Saving Bed Raises to become Ceiling Art by Renato Arrigo

Its always tricky to find space to put a bed in a tiny apartment but architect Renato Arrigo had a few tricks up his sleeve when he designed a bed that magically disappears into thin air during the day to free up space for day to day activities.

Located in a small apartment in the historical centre of Taormina, Sicily,Italy. The platform bed is outfitted with cleats that have super sturdy ropes tied to them and a pulley system raises the bed up to the ceiling and out of the way.
Since the suspended bed is not part of the ceiling, Renato has come up with a creative way to highlight its difference by showcasing a contemporary graffiti graphic across the bottom of the platform that reads “Space is Luxury”. How true and how fun. What’s particularly exciting about this design is how easily it is adaptable to being a manual or motorized pulley system with any customized graffiti style art showcases – just awesome.
Renato Arrigo
Photography by Maria Teresa Furnari


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