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40 Modern Beds That Will Transform A Drab Bedroom

Whether you’re moving into a new place or revamping the guest room, there are lots of ways to create a sense of newness inside the home. But when it comes to a personal space, the best way to do it is to start with the bed. Check out these 40 modern beds that will transform a drab bedroom in no time.

Pinterest starts us off with this white, floating platform bed. With built-in side tables and chic lines, there’s not much more modern than a design like this. It’s also perfect for those that like a more minimalistic style.

If you want something with a more soft approach, you can look for beds with some tufting on the headboard. This white bed is still quite modern but has a more delicate touch. This is great for a bedroom that has a contemporary vision but made with a woman in mind.

Here we have a deep wood design, again with built-in side tables. It’s perfect for minimalists and those with a no-fuss vision. We’re loving this innovation – among all its others – over at Momento Italia .

Ray Furniture is where we found this unique, sloped design. Again, it’s white so it will go with any and all colors – including other neutrals. But it’s modern, artistic style is where its great appeal is born.

Here’s an entire bedroom suite that fit the “modern” bill quite nicely. But, take a good look at this bed. It’s a platform design, making it even easier to handle, it’s a charcoal finish and it has stainless steel legs giving it a polished topping.

We found this beauty on Pinterest and were instantly mesmerized by it’s versatile design. It’s a canopy bed that’s perfect for more traditional homes, as well as it’s wooden finish, but it’s clean lines and delicate legs make it fit more within a contemporary style. This one just depends on how you accessorize and accent!

Rove Concepts gives us a wooden platform bed with modern style of as well. This too can fall into a more minimalistic category but also be jazzed up a bit for those that are looking for some spunk. Color and patterns will also bode well with such a simple design.

Here’s a low design that we’re swooning for based out of Home Furniture. Black is a timeless tone to stay attached too and this boxed look creates a polished, clutter-free experiences inside this futuristic and fuss-free bedroom. A pop of red or chartreuse could personalize the space a bit more.

Another smooth, modern wooden bed that has all the makings of a chic space. Run on over to Decoholic if you want to find similar inspiration. IN the meantime, take this entire room into consideration when transforming your own home.

Low and cozy, even your ultra contemporary designs can feel warm and welcoming. Whether dipped in black or white, like we see here, this design is versatile and chic. We love how timeless this room feels like, even with it’s nod to the future.

Etsy has designs we’re loving too. Here’s a bed that’s a great blend of both what’s on trend and what’s classically modern. Because of it’s wood finish, this can play a role in all kinds of homes, including the more eclectic of the bunch.

How does a modern bed with storage sound to you? When we first saw it, we thought it was a dream come true. Keep the space neat and tidy, all because of your bed’s innovative design!

Here’s another bed with a tufted headboard that still coincides well within the modern world. We’re loving the varying texture here. The shine on the bottom and the leather on top make for something a bit more interesting.

Cage Design Group created a bed design that’s both modern and incredibly functional. We see the built-in side tables here too. You not only get the chic spot to rest your head at night but you don’t have to do any extra shopping for side pieces.

And then there’s this super innovative piece from Russ Wittmann. There’s the floating platform bed attached to a headboard that expands throughout the rest of the room. With lots of storage space and spots to display some personalized style, it’s quite an adventurous way to go.

Pinterest has a way of bringing us exactly what we need. And we needed a beautiful example of how tradition can be blended with contemporary style easily. That’s what we see here. With this fabric bed and neutral tones, you get comfort and chic style.

Do we have any fans of ultra-low beds? Well, this platform piece is just that and more. With side pieces that can be used for styling and clean finishes on every angle, the bed from Modloft is a stunner.

LA Furniture Store had this bedroom suite up their sleeve and we fell in love. It’s definitely got a modern presence with it’s light accent and designs give off a feminine vibe as well. Just add some color within the bedding to show off your personal taste.

Go big or go home. At least that’s what happened with this bed from Interior Design Ideas. A headboard that turns into an entire accent wall can make quite the splash inside your own bedroom, don’t you think?

Decoholic has some unique ideas featured as well. Although though this bed is covered in pleather and a bit more plush than others, doesn’t take away from its modern style. Check out a bit more of its masculinity after the jump.

Of course you could go with something a bit … rounder? If you’re looking for contemporary and unique style then this is definitely your pick. Take a closer look over at Decoholic.

But if you want something smaller as well as rounder, then you’ll need to visit Modern Miami. With a built-in headboard and an edgy appeal, this a great piece for a bedroom with a more masculine energy or industrial vibe. Personalize it with the bedding and use it as your room’s focus.

Home Designing featured this low beauty as well. Platform for ease and lowness for comfort, we love how this frame as a welcoming energy about it. It’s a tiny bit more traditional but still fits within an innovative scheme should you so choose to go that route.

Habitation Furniture provides us with a design that may not be as delicate but it’s just as unique! The headboard accent and its plushness make it a more welcoming bed. But it also fits well within a bachelor pad or filling up a studio apartment.

We’re big fans of sloped designs. They provide fluidity and delicacy in rooms that need more movement. And that’s what you get with this classic, black and white design. It’s futuristic too, making it a fun piece to talk about and enjoy.

Maybe you’re looking for slightly more comfort than contemporary appeal. If so, then maybe you’ll want something like this. Enveloping like your favorite winter jacket, but straight enough to fit your modern vision, it’s a unique design as well.

Interior Design Ideas has another canopy bed that we’re loving. Even though it has the overheard pieces, it doesn’t clutter or create too much volume. This easy design fits well within more trendy styling as well.

We have another bedroom suite that’s inspiring us here. Black and gold is almost as timeless as a black and white scheme – but it’s a bit more posh and glamorous. If that kind of style speaks to you and you want a bit of luxury, look no further.

Russ Wittman has a canopy bed that calls to modern interior design visions as well. It’s stainless steel frame is versatile. And it’s tufted, black headboard adds a dash of uniqueness to the overall look.

If you’re looking for something more subtle, try to find a bed design that’s finished off with a taupe or cream tone. It’s just as versatile but provides a more relaxing presences. Fill the space with neutrals and textures for a welcomed – yet modern – ethos.

Then again, maybe you want something just as simple but something that also fits within a masculine space. If you’re looking for no fuss and no frilled, this leather design is right up your alley. You still get a contemporary style without any delicacy.

LA Furniture Store has so many innovative designs and this has become one of our personal favorites. The platform bed is fresh and slick. And the headboard that continues to extend long past the bed makes for quite the standout style. No extra shopping for nightstands is needed!

Here’s another headboard that really makes the design of the bed come to life. Yes, it’s a functional spread but with this two-toned beauty you get a piece of art for your bedroom wall as well. It’s classic too, needing to never be changed throughout the trends.

Ali Express even has a modern bed that can be used for smaller spaces. Whether it’s a college apartment or your kiddo’s bedroom, you don’t need something chunky taking up every corner. Instead, save room without skipping on style.


Mod loft has another low bed that we were inspired by. With its extended limbs and black and white scheme, it’s classic and you can personalize it to your liking without any issues or hassle. It fits well within spacious bedrooms or apartments that you style and split yourself.

Even your bunk beds could have a modern style about them. Just take a look at this nook! Create something special for the kids in the space rooms by using these types of spaces as inspiration!

Our last canopy bed design comes from Russ Wittman, yet again. This time the frame is wood, with posts that become more delicate with height, there’s a bout of romance inside of this one we’re swooning for. Dress it up or down depending on your vision.

Another white bed that can be transforms and blended into someone’s personal style. We also love the unique design on this particular headboard. It’s a modern take on tufting!

The mixed materials inside this bedroom make it one of the most interesting and our favorite on the list. Woods and leathers go together so nicely, creating unique value and extra bouts of style. Thanks again for the inspiration Pinterest!

Finally, we end our modern bed journey over at Mid City East. The light wood and black contrast is unique in and of itself. But the design of the bed is interesting too! The lines stay easy while the accents bring it to life.


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