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Turret Home with Rustic Interiors

The moment you enter the mountainside Farr residence, you know you have arrived somewhere special. Studio 80 has transformed the double volume foyer into a cylinder of rustic contemporary appeal that boasts a textural story of mountain life complete with random flagstone flooring that suggests the natural stone of the mountain side itself; walls clad in rough wood boards held together with metal strapping as though the room was the inside of a wine barrel; exposed ceiling beams that wrap the round room and come together in the centre to form a turret with square clerestory windows repeated around the walls above the strapping. A stunning light fixture that is suspended at the same level as the metal strapping and tells the tale of a wagon wheel referencing the strapping as the wheel itself; and finally a round faux pony skin covered bench with shoe shelving that is reminiscent of a coin operated bull ride. This foyer is a fantasy come true for anyone with an imagination and a taste for whimsy.

The facade of the home is as thought provoking as the interior. A drum shaped covered flagstone walkway supported by double width 4×8 post and beam structure leads to an entryway surrounded by a stone clad cylinder supporting the turret. The turret itself is covered in a patina’d metal while the gabled roof sections boast a more standard shingle. The wood, stone and metal portrayed on the facade are standard elements repeated throughout the residence.
After entering the home and passing through the foyer, the social zone continues to impress. Exposed hand hewn post, beams and window surrounds are balanced with the weight of the stone wall and fireplace facing of 12×24″ patina’d steel sheets. A second light fixture identical to the one in the foyer hangs above the seating arrangement, which just happens to include a fun bamboo accent chair suspended from the ceiling by rope.
The bamboo on the swinging chair has been sprayed to match the finish of the aged steel, creating a tone on tone effect that is further emphasized by their opposing textures, the seat is then emphasized with the selection of colour pops employed within its pillows.
A walkway is created behind the sectional for ease of movement around the room and the walkway is kept wide enough to allow for a nostalgic vignette of gears and wheels to be mounted on the wall. The gears continue the theme of naturally aged materials and rustic appeal while at the same time adding in an industrial flavour that is further enhanced by the choice of floor lamp.
Much like the living room, the dining room features exposed posts, beams and window surrounds, but here they are featured in a room of angular dimensions. Narrower at the floor line then the ceiling, it is as though the pitched ceiling is pushing the walls outward with the only thing holding it together being a metal rod crossing the centre section of the room. This metal rod is part of another wheel reference; only this time the visual is within the support detail rather then in the two simple pendants that are suspended from it. Creating additional flare within the room is a vintage china bureau and a contemporary table that is paired with modern chairs, all three creating a purposely-neutral colour story that allows the fuchsia area rug to be the soprano within the room.
The kitchen boasts all the modern essentials, complete with a commercial grade stove and centre island. The island picks up on the dining room angles by being narrower at its base then the counter and this is further emphasized by the bar over hang. The bar stools bring in a vintage flare while the faux skin rug on the floor has a country appeal.
Beside the kitchen is a small niche that supports a private dining space just for the family. The glass-topped table features a contemporary metal base that is repeated in the benches on either side for a picnic table reference while vintage chairs are tucked in at the ends for extra seating. In the distance a hall travels to the private zones of the residence.
The hall is a cozy transition that features a magazine rack mounted on the wall, a window niche complete with bench and industrial lighting suspended from the fantastic detailing within the ceiling beams.
The bench tucks quietly below a large window, creating the perfect place to enjoy reading one of the magazines featured on the rack next to it. Uncharacteristically finished in a powder coating of rose red, the bench and the area rug add in a layer of liveliness to an otherwise utilitarian space.
The country rustic elements are strengthened within this bedroom via the large folksy print of tree branches on the bedspread, the cobalt blue bed frame and the “found” boards that create the headboard.
The kids bedroom continues the country rustic décor via the patchwork quilt and found board bed frame. The small desk, floor lamp and safety rail on the suspended bed bring in an industrial flavour while the Lucite chair reminds us that this is a contemporary home.
The bathroom is accessed via a pivoting wood door and when opened offers a view of a freestanding tub with a metallic finish for an industrial makeover on a country element.
The counter on the vanity continues the colour story of the tub and the uber contemporary faucet and mirror supports reinforce the industrial aesthetic.
The details within the vanity vignette are subtle but exquisite. First there is the mirror that slides on metal rods hiding a medicine cabinet recessed into the wall. Then there is the faucet of hot and cold pipes meeting together to create a waterfall spout that spews forth into the rectangular sink, which is part of the solid surface counter. Just these three items create a feeling of luxury within a tiny footprint. Adding to this luxury is the heated towel rack reflected in the mirror.
Another room within the private zone features a quiet space to kick back and relax. Casual chairs made of “found” objects consisting of outdoor seat backs and wood scraps are paired with an aged metal coffee table supported on 4 wheels and topped with glass. A shelving unit against the wall contains books and mementos while the window offers a magnificent view of the mountain side.
The shelving unit is a contained vignette of wooden cubes supported by square metal tubing with exposed welding on corner seams. The boxes are of varying sizes and while some feature a red stain on the interior sides others do not. The piece is a work of art and would be just as beautiful empty as it is filled with personal items.
Mountain Side Farr Residence by Studio 80 is a unique and special place both inside and out, and while the exterior is unique with its turreted foyer, the home blends seamlessly with its neighbours for a cohesive mountainside grouping.
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