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DIY Rocking Chair Made from Recycled Barrels

DIY Rocking Chair Made from Recycled Barrels

This rustic recycled barrel rocking horse chair is made by Sestini and Corti of Italy. But you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost -- it's not complicated! The aged wood from reclaimed wine barrels has...

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16 Sep 2013 | Outdoor Furniture

Designing Outdoor Living Room w/ Palmetto Sectional by Pottery Barn

Designing Outdoor Living Room w/ Palmetto Sectional by Pottery Barn

When designing your outdoor living room, all you really need is one versatile piece to get you started, like the Palmetto All-Weather Wicker Sectional by Pottery Barn. This alfresco essential offers stylish yet comfortable seating, and its synthetic fibers...

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7 Feb 2013 | Outdoor Furniture

Wicker in Colors: Garden Decor Inspirations by Pier1

Wicker in Colors: Garden Decor Inspirations by Pier1

Nothing says "alfresco elegance" like wonderful wicker and lively colors, and Pier1 imports has some great garden decor inspirations for the coming spring and summer season. By decking out your, er... deck, patio or garden with some chic and...

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6 Feb 2013 | Outdoor Furniture

Roto Molded Furniture (rotomolded) for Outdoors by Qui est Paul?


Ultra-modern art takes to the outdoors with this unusual, sculptural roto molded furniture by Qui est Paul? If you’re not sure whether to sit on it, put something on it, or admire it from afar, then you’ve got the right idea. These sculptures-cum-furnishings boast most unusual shapes and a contemporary aesthetic that will set the tone for your chic, modern outdoors. The roto molded lounge chair makes an ideal spot to kick back and relax under an open sky. It’s made with comfort first and foremost, followed (hot on its heels, we might ad) by a totally cool look and a palette of hot hues. Pool-side, in the garden or on the deck, these are the hotseat of the season! A coffee table, designed by Cedric Ragot, features rounded corners and a soft look ideal for your outdoor sitting area. This chair by the same designer boasts the same look and a matching base for a coordinated al fresco living area. And what living room is complete with out a sofa? Indoors or out, this roto molded sofa combines ergonomics, aesthetics and that cool factor that sets this furniture collection apart. All pieces are made of fully recyclable PE, and come in a palette of vibrant colors. For more information visit Qui est Paul?


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7 Jun 2010 | Outdoor Furniture

Aluminium Sun Loungers - new D-Lux lounger by Royal Botania


Kick back and lounge in pure luxury with this aluminium sun lounger by Royal Botania. The aptly named D-Lux sun lounger is definitely deluxe, both in looks and in feel. Inspired by the female form, its smooth lines and modern details invite you to recline and soak up some sun. The concave and convex curves hug your body and support its natural shape so you can truly relax, all the while looking cool in an ultra-modern aluminium frame finished in a range of hot colors. Pool-side or on a sunny patio, this modern lounger makes a great addition to your outdoors. The D-Lux aluminum sun lounger measures 197 L by 75 D by 27 H. For more details visit Royal Botania.


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26 Feb 2010 | Outdoor Furniture

Home Tepanyaki Grill Table - indoor outdoor grill cooktop by Troy Adams Design


Bring exotic flavors to the comfort of home with this sleek, restaurant-style Tepanyaki grill for home. The TepanGrill Table by Troy Adams Design is an indoor-outdoor Tepanyaki grill made for entertaining and feeding a crowd. A built-in stainless steel grill sits at the center of a black granite tabletop, which can be custom-made in any material and size. The grill cooktop uses infrared heat that does away with smoke, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use, while a downdraft ventilator draws any smoke particles, grease and cooking odors out of the air. East meets West with Troy Adams’ choice of exotic materials, which include basalt and lava stone, bamboo, cork and stainless steel. By blending a traditional method for cooking with a contemporary, minimalist look, Troy Adams delivers a truly unique eating and entertaining experience. Check out this cool home Tepanyaki grill at Troy Adams Design.

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22 Feb 2010 | Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Bench Seating - modern outdoor wood bench by B&B Italia


Putting a modern twist on the conventional park bench seating, this contemporary outdoor wood bench design by B&B Italia invites you to take a load off in modern style! This outdoor bench was designed by Naoto Fukusawa as a departure from the traditional, rigid bench designs. The new Titikaka bench boasts teak lathes flowing fluidly over a durable aluminum frame. The result is a wave of wood; a sculptural seat that you’ll appreciate as much for its comfort factor as for its aesthetic appeal. The bench measures just short of 100 inches in length and 30 inches in height. Placed in the shade of your favorite tree in the backyard, on the deck or balcony, this gorgeous outdoor bench seating will be the hotspot of the season. For more information visit B&B Italia.


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15 Feb 2010 | Outdoor Furniture

Wooden Outdoor Furniture Designs by Deesawat - Green Wall, Stick Up, Summer Cabana


Looking to funk-ify your outdoor living space? These wooden outdoor furniture designs from Deesawat have got your number. The Green Wall, Stick Up and Summer Cabana will bring fun and function to your outdoors, making it the hotspot of the summer season.


Green Wall (pictured above) is a modular wood shelf system that is ideal for displaying your potted plants, vines or trinkets. Used as a backdrop or as a divider, this shelf system is cool to the max.


The aptly named Stick Up collection (pictured above) is simple yet stylish, taking on branch-like forms to incorporate a rustic yet refined look to your outdoors. The line includes a lampshade, birdhouse, coat hanger, coffee table and a seat and bases of various heights.


And what summer space would be complete without these chic Summer Cabanas? Pictured above, these fully flexible, functional and fashionable frames let you choose from two design options: the Summer Bed complete with two beds, cozy cushions and three sectional tables; or the Summer Picnic, which is equipped with a table and two benches – eat your heart out!

Check out these modern wooden outdoor furniture designs, by Deesawat.

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5 Feb 2010 | Outdoor Furniture

Elegant Outdoor Lounge Chairs - flexible wood chairs by Pooz


These elegant lounge chairs from Pooz are made for outdoor living and lounging. Inspired by the natural flex and features of wood, the easy-going, undulating shapes make these lounge chairs the perfect complement at poolside, on the deck or in the garden. Through the artful bending and shaping of the wood, these pieces have a unique movement about them, taking the eye on a visual ride along their smooth, wavy curves. And the body is in for a ride of its own – right to relaxation land. The Home lounger is made with three, four or five wood slats, each progressively deeper to cradle your body and with an integrated armrest. Milno is another sun-lounger design made of oak and walnut, with a natural finish that highlights the woods’ inherent characteristic grains. Tild features that same signature curvature, only this unusual lounger is raised off the ground and enclosed in an aluminum frame draped in fabric, so you’re made in the shade, even in the heat of the day. Check out these gorgeous modern outdoor lounge chairs, by Pooz.



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5 Feb 2010 | Outdoor Furniture

Gazebo Canopies - Kuba modern gazebo design by Pircher


It’s the ideal “outdoor room” for al fresco lunches, evening cocktails and moon-lit dinners: the Kuba modern gazebo design makes the backyard a chic extension of the indoors. Inspired by European design, this elegant gazebo canopy by Pircher features a simple, minimalist steel frame with organic yet contemporary, naturally beautiful wood details. This versatile outdoor essential offers a variety of configurations to suit a spectrum of social scenarios – like a high table with bar stools for a fun, bistro setting, or a low table with benches for a more intimate atmosphere. All the while, the unobtrusive see-through frame really maintains a sense of the great outdoors. For more info on these gazebo canopies, visit Pircher.

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9 Jan 2010 | Outdoor Furniture

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