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Important Things To Know Before Designing Your Outdoor Space

Designing your dream outdoor space could be quite exciting, especially when you want to create a vacation like oasis. The key is knowing what kind of feel you want your space to have, do you want a chic feminine space? A crisp and clean space? And/or a space that comes with all the bells and whistles for entertainment? Whether you want to create a beautiful area for entertainment or you want a lazy hangout, these tips will help you design your outdoor space a whole lot easier.

Provide Shelter

Once you have decided what kind of shelter you want your outdoor space to have you want your furniture and decor match the aesthetics of your shelter. Doing so will have a matchy-matchy effect that is charming and chic. We love the idea of adding neutrals and working in light fixtures and a few colors. 

First things first, in order to create the perfect outdoor space, you want to have some sort of shelter. Doing so allows you to spend time outdoors regardless of the weather. It is also essential if you plan on entertaining often. If your home doesn’t naturally come with a sheltered space there are additional choices such as a gazebo, pergola, and a canopy. These options can help you have a sheltered area.

Get Comfortable

Add in extra cushioning for an even grander effect that feels like a second living room. You automatically want the space to feel crisp, fresh and chic. Incorporate wooden bits for a rustic touch.

If you plan on using the space often having a comfortable outdoor seating is key. The comfort of your guests is key when you want to have the perfect space. Choose pieces that not only speak to you but help the space feel almost as an extension to your indoor décor.

Embrace Color

Color brings personality and perspective. Adding a rustic hue works well when you want a cozier, more intimate space. Meanwhile, if you want to create a more fun, appeal lighter hues will work best. You can even mix the two together for a perfect blend of personalities. 

Even though you are outdoors, do not feel as if you cannot use color. In fact, color is the perfect addition to your décor. Bring vivid hues through pillows, flowers, seating and/or both. You may even want to add a bold outdoor rug.

Add Custom Lighting

Bring on the charm with multiple different light fixtures utilized to expand on the decor and on the space. The key is working with fixtures that bring beauty and bring the space back to life. You may even want to consider using color lights to add a contemporary touch.

Outdoor lighting can be a bit tricky due to there being multiple options. You can add a chic chandelier, small light fixtures, romantic lighting or a mixture of all for a well-rounded twist.

Bring on the Dining

Even when you are working on decorating your outdoor dining table comfort is always a good idea. Add a cool seating area such as a bench and pair with a few comfortable chairs for the perfect relaxing touch. 

Why only create an outdoor space that is used to sit and enjoy the great outdoors when you can have a dining area as well? If you have a large enough space, you may want to consider adding a dining area that feels comfortable and charming. Or you can add a lavish large space that brings modern into the picture.

Bring on the Fireplace

A fireplace is a perfect addition when you want to create a cozy atmosphere. Consider making it the main focal point in the outdoor space by having simple decor throughout.

What better way to add a cozy feel then to add a fireplace. Adding a fireplace is always a good idea when you want to have that classic cozy, aesthetics. Pair your furniture with the fireplace or even place your furniture pieces directly in front of the fireplace for the perfect soothing feel.


Accessories are essential to bringing a space back to life. They add vitality, beauty, and cohesiveness throughout. Additionally, adding accessories help expand the space and make the space feel like an extension to your living room.

Do not forget to accessorize the space, just like you would add accent tables, center table and/or both, you want to do the same for your outdoor area. Doing so brings a living room feel that is part of your outdoor living yet as comfortable as your indoor décor.

Maybe a Pool?

Your pool could be the perfect area to lounge in if you use the right furniture. The more comfortable the furniture you use the better. Doing so will allow you to want to spend time outdoors near your pool. Utilize hues of blue to bring the relaxing pool vibes directly to your seating area.

If your outdoor living space is large enough to have a pool, why not add one? You can repurpose a stock tank for a convenient smaller pool or you can create a custom unit that fits the space and bring a “vacation” like aesthetics.

Take Advantage of the Space

Whether your space is big or small you want to take advantage of every single inch. Doing so will bring the perfect contrast while filling the space. If you have a smaller space consider simply having a dining table. A simple dining table will fill up the space while still having enough room for other decor pieces.

Taking advantage of every inch of space you have is one of the best ways to focus on decorating and making the space feel as warm to you as possible. It’s about a custom space that comes to life at any time of the day. Every inch of your outdoor space should feel taken full advantage of.

Go Simple

You do not need to use numerous different decor to create a cozy space. You can simply use a few bits and pieces that make sense to the size of your outdoor area. Add a cozy rug, a few light elements and comfortable seating for that well put together look without the need of adding “too much.”

Sometimes too much can be “too much” if you feel the space is a bit cluttered chances are it is and you may need to go simple. Add a few bits of furniture here and there until you have just enough décor to have everything you need yet the space feels simple.

These tips will allow you to create the perfect space for you and your family. Please share with us what tips you have that we did not mention in the comments below.


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